All the saved peeps from round one are now eligible.

Fire's NomsEdit

  1. Osten Taylor (Pearl Islands- 12th place)
  2. Erik Cardona (Samoa- 12th place)
  3. Ben Browning (Samoa - 17th place)
  4. Drew Christy (San Juan del Sur - 15th place)
  5. Susie Smith (Gabon - 2nd place)
  6. Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins - 16th place)
  7. Coach Wade (South Pacific - 2nd place)
  8. Albert Destrade (South Pacific - 3rd place)
  9. Katie Hanson (Philippines - 12th place)
  10. Julia Landauer (Caramoan - 13th place)
  11. Shamar Thomas (Caramoan - 17th place)
  12. Troyzan Robertson (One World - 8th place)
  13. Nina Acosta (One World - 17th place)
  14. Stacey Stillman (Borneo - 14th place)
  15. J.T Thomas (Heroes vs. Villains - 10th place)
  16. Candice Woodcock (Heroes vs. Villains - 8th place)
  17. Dave Cruser (China - 13th place)
  18. Erik Huffman (China - 6th place)
  19. John Cochran (Caramoan- 1st place)
  20. John Fincher (Samoa- 9th place)

Cut/Save OrderEdit

  1. Matt
  2. Sunn
  3. The Supreme Dictator of the Universe.
  4. Brunabi-Mana #TeamBrazilians (Bruno actually)
  5. Epic
  6. Dylan
  7. O
  8. Toad
  9. SG


489. Shamarshmallow Thomas (Caramoan- 17th place)- SHUT UP!

"but shamar you has to do something-"


"shamar im trying to do a write-up-"




Saving Osten because he is the best person who could have possibly been the first quitter in Survivor history.

488. John Fincer (Samoa- 9th Place)

You have NO friends. You are a douche, a poser, and an ass. Bye.

Saving Katie since I doubt anyone else will. wtf Trey.

487. Ben Browning (Samoa - 17th Place)

1. Unfun

2. Racist

No. Thank you.

Saving Candice because I am boring.

486. J.T Thomas (Heroes vs. Villains - 10th place)

You suck. Might be even lower than Russell @my HvV rankings.

Saving Susie because she's a queen. <3

485. John Cochran (Caramoan- Winner)

a. Took up a shit ton of airtime

b. Spent half of the season as a Phillip lackey

c. The whole "Cochran challenge beast storyline"

yeah bye

Saving Drew because lol <3

484. Troyzan Robertson (One World - 8th Place)


Saving Stacey because she's female (:

483. Erik Huffman (China - 6th place)

I don't get the love for him at ALL

he was boring and the only zhan hu member that mattered post-merge was peih gee

not to mention that he robbed jean robert of a DVD cover spot

the only thing I can remember from him is the virgin thing but I don't get why that was such a *funny* and *big, taboo* moment???

I get that he was like a male sweetheart but he was just boring honestly

saving Dave bc he was the original Drew

482. Carolina Eastwood (Tocantins - 16th)

What a random person to be nominated, but who cares, really? She had an extremely annoying voice, was the first person voted out, looked like a tapir, and almost got married to David Murphy. That's about it.

Saving Erik Cardona g.oddess

481. Julia Landauer (Caramoan - 13th Place)

So Toad just cut the last person on this ranking that I'd actually seen play, so as much as I hate to do this, this cut is based almost entirely on what I've heard from other people. And for Julia... I haven't heard much of anything. Not having had seen their seasons, I can say at least one thing for everyone else left except her. She allegedly took "boring" to a whole new level and was even criticized ingame for barely having a personality.

Saving Nina because Bruno said he likes her.

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