jefprobst; after th trainwreck that was redemption island we redemd ourself w/ philippins
jefprobst; but now its time to ruin the show again
jefprobst; 10 recruits, 10 production favorites, 1 predictble winner
jefprobst; this is survivor caramel - recruits vs. returnees
kokran; i am challnge bst
The boy named Malcolm stepped out of the boat, his eyes twinkling in the sunlight. Quickly, he pulled his long, brown hair back and smirked as he looked at his opponents. "This will be too easy," the half-man, half-amazing castaway said. cherri; yes i said that yes i said that
kornn; every1 here suks
production; akshually kornn can u talk about phillp
kornn; what
production; yes just talk about him
kornn; ok well i guess phillp sukcs anywas this cast is-
production; more about phillp tho

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