jefprobst: they must lern to adapt or they will be voted out of the tribe
charlie: im gay
marcus: can i lick your finger
charlie: sure
marcus: im not gay tho
corinne: you are an unemployed-
jefprobst: time for your first challenge i made it next
kristal: but my tennis shoes way ten pounds
sugar: *bursts into tears*
ace: ey wuld u lik sum tee nd crumpets mate?
randy: rsrs
jefprobst: everyone wins
sugar: *bursts into tears*
gc: I quit tho
jefprobst: rsrs your team loses then
sugar: *burts into tears*
corinne: uneducated, leach on society
krystal: eat yo rice
jacque: hi guys its me jacki
krystal: who
susie: *eats burrito*
sugar: *bursts into tears*
krystal: fogetchu
bob: my hip
marcus: why is everyone saying im gay im not
paloma: fuk u ace i hat joo
corinne: and the only thing I would vote to give you-
susie: que *eats burrito*
jefprobst: time for tribal council
sandy: *burps into tears*
randy: rrrr
jefprobst: kristla ur up
kristal: u have made my life hell from day 1
randy: wut
kristal: fo-get-chu
randy: wut
kristal: go home
randy: wut
kristal: guudby
sugar: u stoopid by
randy: wut
marcus; im not gay stop saying i am
charlie: i love you marcus
marcus: i love you too
marcus: no homo
jeffprobst: ill go tally the votes
ken: i made it next
jeffprobst; if millenium has the crydol boom-boom pow would be the lime to pee mo
randy: im have one
sugar: wut
corinne: yay
kristal: wut
randy: yay
bob: rsrs
jeffprobst; the pools of driver slate that any fun who slays the crydol will be lime moon and any totes da gainst that person will hot mount
marcus: im not gay
charlie: i like penis
bob: rsrs
jeffprobst; this isnt idol tho
randy: wut
corinne: wut
kristal: hurr
sugar: *bursts into giggles*
jeffprobst: sugar u arent crying!!
sandy: *bursts into tears*
jeffprobst: first vote randy
randy: wut
jeffprobst: second vote randy
randy: wut
jeffprobst: third vote randy
randy: wute
jeffprobst: fourth vote susie
susie: *throws burrito*
jeffprobst: fifth vote susie
susie: *vomits burrito*
jeffprobst: k bye randy tho
randy: rrr
jeffprobst; ok next challenge
marcunt: im not gay!
charlie: i am
kristal: wait jeff im feel weezing
jeffprobst: medikal team pls
medikal team; kristal must be evacuated
martyie: y tho
medikal team: the cause is eating 2 much rice
kristal: wait b4 i go i have to tell you all something
every1: yes
kristal: i take steroids
amerika: gasp
bob: my hip
jeffprobst: your chllnge is to throw balls and hit an opponents target
macrus: IM NOT GAY!
korine: no one said u were
macrus: this challenge begs to differ
bob: my hip
corinne: im too dried up to hit the balls they weigh more than kristals tennis shoes
jeffprobst: gayboyns ready go
susie: *eats burrito*
sugar: AHHHH *gives birth*
susie: *puts baby as topping on burrito
bob: jeff can i win this challenge heres dollar
jeffprobst: bob wins immunity
charlie: rub a dub dub my tub tub tub
jeffprobst: at tribal council time
jeffprobst:00ps everyone is eliminated but martyie bob and sugar
susie: *throws burrito at jeff*
jeff: oops *susie bob and sugar
susie: *eats burrito*
jeff: the winner of survvr gayboyn is......................
...............jt thomas junior
bob: my hip
marcus: im not gay

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