jifprusbt: welcum 2 new soovyver where theres twunny pepel

wadna; sings

joenathan; humps of boat

stephme; jumps 2

imunitywilerd; ima kill wadna

onehitwanda; sings

kobe; im finna target joenathan cuz he sux

joenathan; *sits there doing absolutely nothing*

prusbt; joenathan n wudna your out

wanda; lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala oi *leaves*

joenathan; *flips off trybe*

prusbt; brown trybe your koreore

tomwestman; *exists*

manateetwelv; *rages*

prusbt; bloo trybe your oolong

oolong; loses every challanje

ashleyashbee; tits

kibmerlee; im friends w EOrlins

trybe; *votes them out*

ibrahim moizoos; *exists*

booby jeans; *votes him out*

stephme; *votes him out*

prusbt; no lergemerge67!

janoo; qwits

kobe; im finna name my dottir after u

snorlacks; karen sux

plankten; hey


final Imunitie chalanj

eeyin; sits on booey

tomwestman; sits on booey

snorlacks; *dies*

twenty millenniums go by

tomwestman; Ill make Ur social life miserabull if U dont get off

eeyin; cri *gets off*

prusbt; the tryb has spoken

jury; we hate u snrlacks

tom; :)

prusbt; the winner of soovivor poolow.....







prubst; james jt thomas jr

tom; yay we can rejois in being hated by manateetwelve

manateetwelve; *explodes*

eeyin; *ages 50 years post show*

stephme; mememememeeeeee

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