jeff; hello welcome to survivor

eliza; i brought my bags

twila; shut up your going home next

eliza; oh no

jeff; shut up 


jeff; boys vs girls k

mia; sexist!!

jeff; shut up i hate this cast

20 minutes later

jeff; this is my public aplogoy for killing a native and this does not reflct csb or nything

ami; im voting you out next

jeff; shut up bitch anyway first imminuty challenge

chris; boys win

girls; no we win

jeff; boys win

girls; wut

production; no jeff we talked about this

jeff; girls win

girls; yay

jeff; vote out like 5 people tonight

chris; im secretly a girl

chad; wait really *mouth drops open*

chris; yes

chris (conf); no

sarge; make fire

rory; no

sarge; yes

jeff; team swap

both; aw

scout; im lesbian

ami; same

scout and ami; *makes out*

scout; sorry annie *cris*

ami; im sorry

scout; heartattack

dead day 14

jeff; tribal council

eliza; i brought my things

leann; twila were good right

twila; yes i swear on my son

jeff; leann youre eliminated

leann; wut

james; *dies*

ami; not cool

twila; sorry

eliza; i brought my bags

jeff; also brady is eliminated

chris; who

brady; im the fbi agent

chris; oh

jeff; and lisa

ami; bitch

jeff; plus j.p.

j.p.; waht

jeff; hell john k. too get out

john k; but 

jeff; no 

next day

chad; im disabled

sarge; o

chad; arent i have a strong heart

sarge; yeah i guess hey julie nice ass

julie; thanks

sarge; *moons her*

julie; oh ok

jeff; final immunity challenge

eliza; i brought my things

jeff; you have to get pigs

eliza; oh no

chad; yay

chris; no balance beam?

jeff; on a balance beam

chris; shit

jeff; go

sarge; i win

jeff; nope you need a pig

sarge; oh

chris; i win

jeff; chris wins

chris; i have risen from the bottom to the top

jeff; stop hogging my screentime

eliza; aw

jeff; elimination time

eliza; i have my things

jeff; if youre a girl youre eliminated

girls; aw

production; bad jeff

jeff; ok sorry if your a boy and your not chris your eliminated

boys that arent chris; aw

chris; sweet

jeff; also if your name isnt twila you can go home

twila; yay

jeff; so jury have anything to say??

chris; just so you no i brought julies cap and i think everyones awesome

twila; my son died

jeff; ok see you in la

in la

jeff; the winner of survivor vunuutu

chris; me

twila; no me

jeff; sandra dias-twine

chris; wut


the end