to appreciate the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki's incredible heritage & legacy!

specifically, the year 2013; witness👀 this collection of influential blogs and their comment sections made by users from the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wiki. best read chronologically for story arc progression

January 5, 2013Edit

The story of how I ruined my almost-flawless reputation, by OHF

January 8, 2013Edit

Let's Have a Kiki, by CK

January 9, 2013Edit

Hiatus ?, by Dra

February 16, 2013Edit

My Change and Departure?, by Dra

February 23, 2013Edit

An Explanation, by Toad
Screw RPing, by CK

March 6, 2013Edit

wtf, by Dra

March 18, 2013Edit

Moderation?, by Mana
Note: It is unclear what blog Mana is referring to in the opening paragraph.

March 19, 2013Edit

I'm SO, SO Sorry (PLEASE READ), by Fire

March 30, 2013Edit

The Immaturity Has To Stop Guys, by Space

April 7, 2013Edit

A Problem, by Duke

April 25, 2013Edit

Leaving, need to get away!, by Mika
Leaving The Wiki, by Epic

May 16, 2013Edit

Wiki Superlatives, by Fire

June 1, 2013Edit

I Guess I Have To Go, by Fire
How To Fix It, by Matt

June 17, 2013Edit

A Serious Topic, by Epic

June 26, 2013Edit

Just want to say!! @COKEMAN, by Mika

July 10, 2013Edit

Rules for Sockpuppets, by Reddy

July 14, 2013Edit

Sensable Arguments be Damned!, by MrE
...I'm disgusted., by Fire

July 22, 2013Edit

Eh I feel as though I should say a few things., by Space

August 5, 2013Edit

It's an Age-Old Thing, by MrE

August 11, 2013Edit

Epic's Big Brother Sign-Ups, by Epic

September 5, 2013Edit

The General Douchebaggery on the Chat is Sickening, by MrE

September 7, 2013Edit

I Haven't Been Completely Honest..., by Fire

September 15, 2013Edit

Gotta Take A Break, tbh, by Matt

September 22, 2013Edit

Chat Sucks, by Fire
Taking a Break, by Epic
These Fights Need To Stop., by Avi
I have become my own worst enemy., by MrE

October 7, 2013Edit

Back, Officially, by Noah
A Formal Assessment of a Pressing Issue, by Space

October 20, 2013Edit

I Regret Nothing, by Reddy

November 23, 2013Edit

Just... no, by Jake

November 24, 2013Edit

IzzyFan15 Is Not Me, by Fire
Note: IzzyFan15 was Epic.

December 1, 2013Edit

Chat Etiquette, by Space

December 21, 2013Edit

Yeah, Bye. I'm Done., by Fire

January 4, 2014Edit

A Serious Apology is in Order, by Fire

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