• 1st- Kavren is extremely funny. I liked it when he says bloop pork. It was hilarious when he dressed up as a banana. I think he should win.
  • 2nd- this is tied with 3rd. Tasia is hilarious and laid back. I don't understand why not a lot of people like her. I like her a lot.
  • 3rd- toad. Toad is hilarious like Kavren. I don't reAlly have anything to say about him though.
  • 4th-Dolph. I always liked Dolph when other people didn't. He is funny and very weird. Seriously who plays poker against himself?!?!??!!??
  • 5th- Northworth. Northworth is funny. I like it when he insults other people. Now he is voted off.
  • 6th- Donny. Gotta get pants go get your pants button flyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  • 7th- Lizza. She is hilarious.
  • ...
  • 19th- Gustavo. He is boring.
  • 20th- Cammy. I hate her. She is a mary sue and doesn't deserve a capital m and s. I hate how she cried for a whole episode.

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