This series is going to prove that every girl in TDI is Lesbian.

Chapter One: ZoeyEdit

At the crack of dawn Zoey awoke and headed down towards the lake, where she saw the most beautiful thing known to man.. On the beach lied Staci, who was clad in only a little skimpy bikini. Her hair was down and her skin was glistening in the beautiful morning sun. Zoey's jaw dropped in awe as she gazed upon this beautiful sight.

Staci sat up upon noticing Zoey. Her beautiful hair blowing in the wind.. In an extremely seductive manner she motioned Zoey to come over to join her, "Zoey.. Zoey.. please."

Zoey was mesmerized for a moment. Upon snapping out of it, she ran over to Staci and gave her a big and passionate kiss on the lips. In tears of joy Zoey spoke, "I love you, Staci! I was using Mike to get to you all this time!"

"I love you too, honey.." Staci spoke in her usual tempting voice, ".. But we can't be together."

Zoey's tears of joy turned into tears of sorrow, "Why not?"


"I'm already with Jo." Staci said dramatically. These words echoed through Zoey's head.

Chapter Two: EvaEdit

Eva is very manly she must be a Lesbian. Also notice how she gave Courtney a half-smile once? Obviously Lesbian.

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