I think I waited
For more information about
I wear the Crown!
On the ground, melting slowly away

Yes, I will.
When I static for as long as
At the time of explosion,
As long as you have, skip the line.

He said that it is used as a form of
I don't know if it's dirty
Well, I went to the doctor.
The devil can not control me
I find it hard to breathe and
Hard to fight the feeling.

When my heart beats like a balloon glass.
It also sounds high and broke very soon
It would be wrong in my room to fuck, she is so fucking
I broke the glass.
My crystal ball drop

Oh oh oh

It's called the reclusive frog
They are looking for the dog.
Have you found my dog?
Oh, it is a disgusting company.
I really like this

Well, I'm using says:
Let the child, dirty Hearts
Yes, I want to tell you a secret.
Love the double standard that and keeps
The devil do not help heart with single beds.
Ever wanted to come to rest your head

When my heart is like glass balloon burst.
They fly high, quickly broke.
Do you have a bad room fucking bad girl
Broke glass flasks.
Left to my balloon glass

Oh my heart will burst like a balloon glass.
We let them fly so high, and they quickly are separated
These people who say, evil fucking
We started our glass balls.
We can go to the World Cup.
We should be breaking the glass
My crystal ball drop.

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