May 3, 2014
23:28 dyna: motherfucker it's gotta be more established then that
23:28 bricejohnston: true
23:28 bricejohnston: very true
23:28 BenIsHawtrThanU109: Okay
23:28 bricejohnston: this was just a small draft
23:28 bricejohnston: wanna start it?
23:28 dyna:
23:28 BenIsHawtrThanU109: So it's a beautiful sunny day
23:29 dyna: this is what we're working off of, right?
23:29 BenIsHawtrThanU109: He wakes up in the n00d
23:29 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: Anonymous in that picture <3
23:29 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: @Dyna
23:29 bricejohnston: yes
23:29 bricejohnston: @TBTDIF
23:29 dyna: who is this @dyrdyb
23:30 bricejohnston: Dylan?
23:30 BenIsHawtrThanU109: No
23:30 BenIsHawtrThanU109: I'm Dylan
23:31 bricejohnston: hey, TBTDIF, wanna start?
23:31 dyna: sure
23:33 bricejohnston: oh my god this is beautiful
23:33 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: epic
23:33 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: dying
23:33 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: @this
23:37 bricejohnston: (wait, he said the church line twice)
23:38 dyna: lol
23:39 bricejohnston: this is actually fucking beautiful
23:42 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: CRYING
23:43 bricejohnston: cannot breathe
23:44 dyna: k somebody else write the part where Shrek dramatically enters
23:44 bricejohnston: kk
23:44 bricejohnston: I shall
23:45 dyna: oh I left out the part where he calls his dad a cunt)
23:45 bricejohnston: oh, you should add that
23:45 bricejohnston: Wait, I will
23:47 bricejohnston: Okay, how do I transition
23:51 bricejohnston: hey, TBTDIF, wanna write some more? '7
23:51 bricejohnston: * ;\
23:51 dyna: this is why I'm not writing the porno part
23:51 bricejohnston: oh lol
23:51 dyna: just write (Several minutes of vigorous fucking ensue.)
23:57 dyna: do you want to write this?
May 4, 2014
0:00 bricejohnston: omg
0:00 bricejohnston: how did you forget It's All Ogre Now
0:00 dyna: I gave the line to the young boy
0:00 dyna: because I think it makes more sense
0:00 bricejohnston: ah
0:00 bricejohnston: It kinda does
0:01 bricejohnston: we can change it back
0:02 bricejohnston: Oh my god.
0:02 dumpsyoricedumpsyobeans: iconic
0:03 dyna: do you like the ending
0:03 bricejohnston: Yes.
0:03 dyna: I just think in all the tension going on
0:03 BenIsHawtrThanU109: Not enough sex
0:03 dyna: Shrek wouldn't have time to think up and say an ogre pun
0:03 BenIsHawtrThanU109: needs more
0:05 unnamed: Oh my god\
0:07 unnamed: ?
0:07 unnamed: lol what is this
0:08 ThisIsMySwamp: ?
0:09 bricejohnston: <3
0:15 ThisIsMySwamp: does anyone else love Evanescence? ;\
June 9, 2014
22:05 max: *reads to (penetrates butthole of YOUNG BOY)
22:05 max: why
22:06 nicolascage: shrek is love
22:07 nicolascage: shrek is life
22:07 bricejohnston: dying @Max
22:12 Dra: everyone joins
22:12 dyna: we're like vultures to prey
22:12 max: to be fair I was here before
22:13 Epic: I helped make this I get to be here
22:13 Epic: >:(
22:13 zeke: ;\
22:13 dyna: same
22:13 max: Awesome I got pink!
22:13 max: anyhow
22:13 diamond: i didn't know this existed until right now hello
22:13 nicolascage: Nice color I got
22:13 zeke: Aw, she left
22:13 diamond: this is a really cool green tho
22:13 nicolascage: damn
22:14 dyna: aw
22:14 diamond: aw
22:14 dyna: did she like it at least?
22:14 max: I didn't know your girlfriend was Brice Johnston.
22:14 Epic: who is diamond
22:14 zeke: She loved it @TBTDIF
22:14 dyna: yay :D
22:14 zeke: she said "OH MY GOD THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL."
22:14 nicolascage: dead @Mr.E
22:14 max: This chat is a beautiful rainbow.
22:14 ThisIsMySwamp: oh im Swamp
22:14 Duke: oh hi
22:15 zeke: She might be an Unnamed
22:15 Bruno: hi
22:15 unnamed: Most magical experience of my life.
22:15 nicolascage: unnamed, add a name
22:15 zeke: Yep! That's her!
22:15 dyna: honestly if it weren't for the weird sex
22:15 max: lol
22:15 Duke: Hey everyone! :D
22:15 Bruno: crying
22:15 max: I love the moral at the end.
22:15 Bruno: no original color for me
22:15 Bruno: :(
22:15 dyna: honestly if it weren't for the weird sex this would be a pretty heartfelt story
22:15 Bruno: unnamed, who are you?
22:15 nicolascage: add a name
22:15 zeke: Bernice
22:15 max: I would've shed tears if it weren't for the vigorous ogre sex.
22:15 Epic: Toad's girlfriend
22:16 Epic: @Bruno
22:16 Bruno: oh
22:16 Bruno: hi Bernice :D
22:16 dyna: yeah it's just like. this dude's 9
22:16 dyna: why is he fucking an ogre
22:16 dyna: also hi Bernice :DDDD
22:16 ThisIsMySwamp: do u mind if I adapt this into my one-act for next year?? @ whoever wrote this
22:16 nicolascage: Hey Bernice
22:16 max: You don't just ask why a guy fucks an ogre.
22:16 zeke: okay that made me laugh really hard @dyna
22:16 unnamed: hey bernice
22:16 max: Ogrephobe
22:16 dyna: who is swamp?
22:16 max: probably Dra
22:16 Epic: Don't judge his life choices
22:16 Epic: @dyna
22:16 unnamed: bernice i would drag my balls across miles of broken glass just to smell your fart
22:16 Dra: no@mystery
22:16 Duke: hi Bernice :D
22:16 dyna: ...k this dude ruined it
22:17 Bruno: rude rude rude! :( @Bernice not saying hi back
22:17 Dra: what
22:17 dyna: this dude just ruined it completely
22:17 Duke: who is unknown
22:17 max: Dra
22:17 max: Dra dude no
22:17 nicolascage: Dahell
22:17 Dra: what
22:17 Duke: REALLY
22:17 unnamed: Adding names is difficult on iPhone so I shall remain as so :) hello everybody for it is I! Bernice.
22:17 zeke: ... um @unknown
22:17 Duke: DRA
22:17 Dra: what
22:17 Dra: I'm not that person
22:17 Dra: ???
22:17 zeke: She has spoken!
22:17 Duke: ..oh
22:17 Duke: well
22:17 Duke: um
22:17 Duke: maybe it's Kev?
22:17 Dra: do you people really think I'm that immature
22:17 max: :)
22:17 Dra: that's probably kevvy
22:17 Bernice: Hi everyone :)
22:17 dyna: anyway hi Bernice
22:17 dyna: nice to meet you
22:17 Bernice: Nice to meet you all!
22:17 Duke: It is nice to meet you!
22:17 max: I named bernice berNICE
22:17 dyna: that's the fake bernice
22:17 dyna: the real bernice is unnamed
22:17 Epic: lol @this failed impersionation attempt
22:17 zeke: Which bernice is it
22:17 berNICE: Hello! Wait there is an imposter.
22:17 dyna: /berNice
22:17 dyna: */berNICE
22:17 max: I renamed Bernice BerNICE
22:17 zeke: Oh, she's berNICE.
22:18 Bruno: real Bernice = blue
22:18 Bruno: tbh
22:18 Kevvy: nicolascage wAS ME
22:18 max: Bernice is probably Sunny
22:18 dyna: hey Bernice did you know my birthday is six days after yours
22:18 dyna: like to the date
22:18 Dra: stop being creepy@all
22:18 zeke: ^
22:18 Duke: #creepy@Dyna
22:18 berNICE: I am Bernice I swear to Shrek.
22:18 max: shrek is love
22:18 Duke: :o
22:18 dyna: --
22:18 dyna: was that creepy
22:18 Epic: shrek is god
22:18 Duke: she swore to Shrek guyez
22:18 Bruno: Nice to meet you, real Bernice
22:18 Epic: shrek is life
22:18 Dra: yes
22:18 Dra: yes it was
22:18 dyna: why don't you let the actual people I was talking to judge
22:18 Kevvy: I'm gonna Shrek one of your guys if your don't stop being creepy
22:18 max: tbh if Dra wasn't here
22:18 Bruno: I am the nicest person in the world :)
22:18 Kevvy: *you
22:19 max: I would be the least straight person here
22:19 berNICE: Nice to meet you all as well!
22:19 Dra: w o w
22:19 Epic: Anyway hi! It's nice to talK/meet you :D
22:19 dyna: anyway sorry if I sounded creepy.
22:19 Epic: @Bernice
22:19 ThisIsMySwamp: also no @ whoever said I was Bernice
22:19 ThisIsMySwamp: I'm not Bernice
22:19 Epic: that grammar fail
22:19 ThisIsMySwamp: Bernice is Bernice
22:19 max: berNICE
22:19 zeke: Nah, Bernice is BerNICE
22:19 ThisIsMySwamp: Or BerMEAN?!?!?!
22:19 berNICE: Whoa there
22:19 max: ouch
22:19 Kevvy: Bernice u r cool
22:19 dyna: this is kind of a clusterfucky place at the moment
22:19 zeke: the word clusterfuck <3
22:20 berNICE: its berNOTnice
22:20 Epic: ThisIsMySwamp throwing shade
22:20 zeke: omg that Leonard reference
22:20 ThisIsMySwamp: o of course
22:20 max: I'm cool tho @Dra
22:20 max: Dyna*
22:20 Bruno: #shade
22:20 max: I like cool music.
22:20 berNICE: ah, clusterfucks. How magical.
22:20 berNICE: Music is a good thing.
22:20 Kevvy: What about ECINreb?
22:20 dyna: idk I mean, pretty much the only thing I knew I had in common with Bernice was the fact that we had super close birthdays
22:21 ThisIsMySwamp: omg Shrek the Musical might be going on in my town
22:21 dyna: so sorry if I came off as creepy
22:21 ThisIsMySwamp: should I pay the $20 to go see it?
22:21 max: Dyna is trying very hard to not be creepy.
22:21 Dra: stop kevvy
22:21 Kevvy: WHen s your birthday Bernice?
22:21 zeke: Yes. We saw it, it was worth it
22:21 Dra: @black santa
22:21 dyna: idk if there's people you know in it or if you really want to see it
22:21 berNICE: Nah, you're fabulous. June 15.
22:21 zeke: ...
22:21 Dra: stop it kevvy
22:21 max: Kevvy isn't it past your bedtime.
22:21 Dra: we will literally ban you
22:21 max: >_>
22:21 Dra: on the wiki
22:21 Dra: if you do not stop
22:21 dyna: that's how I generally feel about amateur musicals
22:21 berNICE: this place is magical.
22:21 Kevvy: I'm not Black Santa
22:21 zeke: honestly black santa is the one I'm more worried about
22:21 Dra: hi bernice this is the wiki where 90% of the people exist to troll
22:21 max: do you know who the Descendents are
22:21 max: @Bernice
22:21 Sunny: Why @ Black Santa
22:22 Dra: including myself
22:22 Dra: hi
22:22 ck: at times it really is @Bernice
22:22 dyna: not wasting any time @MrE
22:22 Sunny: where's that fox news lady when ya need her? ;\
22:22 Epic: i know of a place where you'll never get harmed, a magical place with magical charms, INDOOOOORS, INDOOOORS, INDOORS
22:22 max: I gotta ask man @Dyna
22:22 person: :0
22:22 Dra: ck will you show me your cover
22:22 Bruno: Can I introduce Bernice to the g.oddess or the g.oddesses
22:22 zeke: Which ones?
22:22 Bruno: Ines
22:22 dyna: inDOOOOOOOOORS @Epic
22:22 Bruno: Brasil
22:22 Bruno: <3
22:22 Sunny: oh god
22:22 Dra: can we introduce bernice to evil valentine!!
22:22 Sunny: @ Ines
22:22 zeke: oh god
22:22 dyna: no shut the fuck up @Dra
22:22 max: Ines Brasil
22:22 max: oba oba
22:22 Dra: at least I'm not being creepy
22:22 dyna: I wasn't being creepy
22:22 Epic:
22:22 Duke: oh my lord
22:23 Epic: warning
22:23 max: Dra and Dyna are having a lover's quarrel @Bernice
22:23 Bruno: INES <3333333333333
22:23 Epic: images may shock/horrify
22:23 dyna: like she SAID her birthday. I think it's cool tbh
22:23 LoraDice: hii
22:23 zeke: ...
22:23 zeke: Stop.
22:23 dyna: k there's an ass trolling us
22:23 zeke: asshole
22:23 Dra: it's kevvy
22:23 zeke: Bernice is BRBing to listen to Ines
22:23 max: Kevvy Bacon
22:23 Kevvy: Best song ever
22:23 ck: Ines <3
22:23 Duke: O
22:23 Bruno: INES <3333
22:24 max: Ines makes people both want to dance, and then kill themselves
22:24 Sunny: oba oba oba
22:24 berNICE: Holy leg envy
22:24 Bruno: shut up, Max
22:24 Sunny: vamos todos bailar
22:24 Bruno: Ines is love
22:24 Bruno: Ines is life
22:24 Kevvy: WHat about Gretchen?
22:24 Bruno: Ines hate is not appreciated here
22:24 Epic: I think this is the farthest I've made it on this video actually
22:25 dyna: aw man she's gone
22:25 Kevvy: What about The Whale?
22:25 zeke: nah, she's still here
22:25 zeke: she just said "Holy leg envy"
22:25 max: Bruno hurt my feelings.
22:25 dyna: I think she disconnected
22:25 dyna: it doesn't show her at the top of the list anymore
22:25 Sunny: she did
22:25 Black Santa: Tell nigganice that I apologize she will get my dick in a box for Christmas.
22:26 zeke: ...
22:26 Bruno: so funny
22:26 max: kevvy we will ban you
22:26 Bruno: hahahaha
22:26 zeke: you're not funny at all.
22:26 zeke: stop.
22:26 Bruno: im dying
22:26 zeke: -_-
22:26 Bruno: >_>
22:26 ck: laughing so hard hahahahaha
22:26 ck: !!!
22:26 max: or whoever Black Santa is
22:26 dyna: seriously why did you have to be on when we met Bernice.
22:26 max: watch it be the REAL Black Santa!
22:26 ck: i was gonna force Bernice to listen to French Navy :(
22:26 Bruno: BERNICE
22:26 Bruno: I APOLOGIZE
22:26 dyna: idk if you're even purposely ruining it but if you are
22:26 zeke: She left.
22:26 zeke: oh, wait
22:26 zeke: no she didn't
22:26 Bruno: o
22:26 Black Santa: She afraid of black chocolate!
22:26 max: giving presents to all the good boys and girls.
22:26 dyna: she got disconnected
22:26 zeke: ...
22:26 zeke: Stop.
22:27 dyna: "black chocolate" isn't even a thing
22:27 dyna: you're thinking of white chocolate
22:27 berNICE: Oh Black Santa.
22:27 ck: bernice you should totally listen to this when you get the chance it's an amazing song zeke can confirm
22:27 Black Santa: It sucks!
22:27 dyna: it's weird how Bernice has no idea who I am
22:27 White Santa: Okay.
22:27 Dra: how is it weirds
22:27 Dra: he does not know
22:27 Sunny: or the hit from Tay Allyn
22:27 Sunny:
22:27 Dra: she*
22:27 White Santa: Who the fuck is black Santa?
22:27 Dra: who any of us are
22:27 Sunny: "Clean My Room"
22:28 White Santa: We obviously both can't be here together,
22:28 White Santa: so get the hell out.
22:28 Bruno: Tay Allyn <3
22:28 White Santa: Santa isn't BLACK.
22:28 Black Santa: Nigga you need some chocolate in yo life!
22:28 berNICE: I'm listening to French Navy!
22:28 ck: yes <3
22:28 White Santa: You need to learn what Santa looks like.
22:28 White Santa: Dick.
22:28 Sunny: ...
22:28 Dra: stop kevvy oh my god
22:28 dyna: you're just kinda making it worse @white santa
22:28 max: French Navy is a cool song.
22:28 White Santa: I'm the real Santa.
22:28 max: can you guys like seriously stop @Santas
22:28 White Santa: You should all know that.
22:29 Kevvy: IT'S NOT ME
22:29 dyna: RainbowJack White santa vs Black Santa
22:29 dyna: it's obviously you bruh
22:29 Kevvy: Why are you guys blaming me?
22:29 Dra: you're the only one immature enough to do this
22:29 max: eh still whoever it is should like stop
22:29 Duke: Epic do Epic's
22:29 zeke: Nah, it doesn't type like Kevvy.
22:29 Kevvy: BUT ITS NOT ME
22:29 Duke: EBB and let Bernice watch kty
22:29 max: watch it be Dra
22:29 max: it's Dra isn't it
22:29 dyna: sorry for telling you to shut the fuck up @dra
22:29 dyna: that was pretty rude
22:30 nah it was me lol- Trey: nah
22:30 nah it was me lol- Trey: it was me lol
22:30 zeke: it was Matt?!
22:30 nah it was me lol- Trey: I wanted to be silly
22:30 Kevvy: I didn't ever know this was still going
22:30 Bruno: ...die @Trey
22:30 Matt: I was silly.
22:30 Dra: will you stop@mystery
22:30 max: The French Navy sux
22:30 max: but the song is cool.
22:30 Dra: do you really think I'm that immature
22:30 zeke: ... I think she likes it
22:30 Epic: CK I think you just found a new best friend
22:30 Matt: Hi Bernice.
22:30 Dra: you've been trying to start a fight with me the past two days and I would like it if you stopped
22:30 dyna: is this what Tumblr people do when they like things @toad
22:30 Matt: You seem like a fine young man.
22:30 Dra: for the last times
22:30 Kevvy: Hey Bernice
22:30 Dra: top
22:30 Dra: time
22:30 Dra: stop *
22:30 berNICE: Hello all!
22:30 Bruno: BERNICE
22:30 Bruno:
22:30 max: I have not tried to start a fight with you lol @Dra
22:30 Bruno: LISTEN TO THIS
22:31 zeke: Don't
22:31 zeke: @Bernice
22:31 Bruno: NICOLE WESTBROOK <3333333333333
22:31 max: but I'm not gonna argue with you now tbh
22:31 Dra: yes you have
22:31 zeke: Guys, she disconnects every time she listens to something
22:31 Dra: you're TRYING to get me to argue
22:31 ck: whoa the colors just changed
22:31 ck: is this what LSD feels like
22:31 Matt: Bernice, how do we know that you exist?
22:31 Kevvy: #singingwithturkeyleg
22:31 Bruno: she's listening to Thanksgiving
22:31 Bruno: <3
22:31 Matt: Where's the proof.
22:31 Matt: I checked the pudding, it ain't there.
22:32 Bruno: ...
22:33 Matt: so anyway
22:33 Matt: What's your guys' favorite dinosaur?
22:33 Duke: Bernice do you watch Game of Thrones?
22:33 Duke: :O
22:33 Matt: Hey Duke
22:33 zeke: Ooh, she's back.
22:33 Matt: THis is my color
22:33 max: I like the kind that smash stuff @Matt
22:33 Duke: ew Trey why did you take my font
22:33 zeke: No, she doesn't @Duke
22:33 Duke: I WAS HERE FIRST
22:33 Matt: This is far too confusing
22:33 zeke: I think she wants to though
22:33 berNICE: I'm heading to a real computer I should be a bit faster to respond now.
22:33 Duke: :(
22:33 ck: this Bernice Q&A <3
22:34 Dra: ck did you give ohf your royals cover
22:34 Matt: Damnit, Drsa.
22:34 zeke: Ooh, is it Erin's? @Bernice
22:34 max: show Bernice a Jax cover
22:34 max: tbh
22:34 Matt: Okay, I'm the yellow guy.
22:34 dyna: hi
22:34 dyna: sorry
22:34 Matt: Fuck you Dyna.
22:34 dyna: this was my color first tbh
22:34 berNICE: Yes it is! @Zeke
22:34 dyna: you wanna fight m8
22:34 Matt: Green?
22:34 Matt: Green?
22:34 Matt: k good
22:34 Bruno: I am green
22:34 Bruno: :*
22:34 Bruno: (kate)
22:34 max: Erin's Runaway Imagination
22:35 max: haha obscure ska band reference
22:35 dyna: ew @MrE
22:35 Matt: Every color's taken.
22:35 dyna: Matt Ellin never listened to The Last Minute
22:35 Matt: I will return to my true favorite color.
22:35 dyna: and I really want him to
22:35 max: there are like four good songs on there @Dyna
22:35 max: (Erin's)
22:35 dyna: yeah
22:35 dyna: I knew that
22:35 dyna: we talked about it like all last ngiht
22:35 Matt: You should introduce me to old Matt, so we can fight
22:35 MorkaDelRey: I WANNA BE ROYAL
22:35 max: He'll hit you over the head with his bass guitar @Matt
22:36 Matt: I'll take it.
22:36 dyna: that'd be cool @Matt
22:36 Matt: I have high pain tolerance.
22:36 dyna: idk what he'd think of you
22:36 dyna: he's actually REALLY weird on FB
22:36 Matt: We'd automatically hate eachother, I imagine.
22:36 max: Matt is cool, man. @Dyna
22:36 Matt: Just instinctively.
22:36 dyna: 10445983_311130522345060_7805126251991838410_n.png
22:36 max: renamed whoever just came in leaky lakey leak lake
22:36 dyna: he's cool but he's like...really weird
22:36 max: Matt is more into punk than I am
22:37 Matt: Where's Bernice? I came here to interview her.
22:37 unnamed: Okay I am on a real computer!
22:37 Epic: Yay, cool!
22:37 dyna: hey Bernice
22:37 Bruno: WB Bernice! :D
22:37 dyna: do you have any knowledge of Total Drama? like at all?
22:37 max: Matt Rainis, ace reporter.
22:37 zeke: she does! I'll leave her to discuss that @TBTDIF
22:37 dyna: omg
22:38 max: hey Bernice, do you like Lindsay.
22:38 dyna: how did this happen
22:38 Bernotnice: Hello! I have some knowledge I was really into it a few years ago.
22:38 dyna: ah
22:38 Matt: Bernice, how long can you hold your breath?
22:38 dyna: we're basically a community of people who never got over it
22:38 Matt: How many men have you killed?
22:38 zeke: (eh, lots of us don't really care as much about the show itself)
22:38 Matt: What is your definition of happy hour?
22:39 dyna: true but like
22:39 dyna: most of us have never gotten over it
22:39 Epic: Matt: asking the questions so you don't have to
22:39 max: Matt Raisin, asking all the hard-hitting questions.
22:39 Bernotnice: about 1 minute @matt andabout 30 men have stepped in my path
22:39 dyna: his name is Raisin now? @MrE
22:39 max: yes
22:39 max: Rainis = Raisin
22:39 ck: Bernice have you heard of/seen Orange is the New Black because it's great
22:39 Black Santa: Do you like Christmas?
22:40 max: Orange is the New Black - Check it out for the lesbian sex, stay for the plot.
22:40 Bernotnice: Yep! I have seen the first couple of episodes and that show is GODLY.
22:40 Matt: Bernice, would you call yourself a people person, a dog person, or a mutant husk person?
22:40 Epic: Bernice, has Toad showed you an artist named Marina and the Diamonds?
22:40 zeke: I have
22:40 zeke: (also why are you calling me Toad to her)
22:40 ck: It is godly
22:40 Bernotnice: Definitely mutant husk, and Marina is AMAZING
22:40 Epic: idk I feel weird typing out people's real names on here
22:40 Bruno: Bernice, have you seen Game of Thrones?
22:41 Epic: for all I know you could be a 50 year old truck diver from kentucky
22:41 dyna: yeah and you're particularly icy to the name Zeke so @Toad
22:41 Bruno: If you haven't then do it now
22:41 Bruno: kthx
22:41 max: DA Z-MAN
22:41 dyna: Bernice did you watch the Tonys last night
22:41 Bernotnice: Nope although I am starting the books this summer.
22:41 Bruno: yay <3
22:41 max: Dyna and Matt are playing 20 questions.
22:41 ck: Do you happen to have an opinion on Pink Gold Peach @Bernice
22:41 Bernotnice: Nope but i saw NPH as Hedwig and I cried tears of joy.
22:41 Matt: Bernice what is your favorite sitcom?
22:41 Epic: Pink Gold Peach <3
22:42 zeke: Olive sure has an opinion on Pink Gold Peach
22:42 dyna: same @Bernice
22:42 dyna: except I didn't actually cry.
22:42 dyna: he gave Sting a lapdance
22:42 Bernotnice: Hmm Modern Family probably?
22:42 dyna: and Sting looked pissed
22:42 Matt: Good answer.
22:42 Bruno: MODERN FAMILY <333
22:42 Matt: I accept that.
22:42 max: where is Sunny to fangirl
22:42 max: SUNNY
22:43 max: he is not here
22:43 Bernotnice: Sting was hiding his massive erection we all know it @dyna
22:43 max: Bernice, if you had to kill one Total Drama contestant, who would it be.
22:43 Matt: Bernice what color shirt are you wearing right now?
22:43 ck: murder isn't fun don't do it Bernice
22:43 dyna: I played Sting in a roleplay here
22:43 Duke: GIMME THE KEY
22:43 Sunny: Bernice, you have a decision you can make if you want to
22:43 dyna: and he was kinda famous because my portrayal of him was like super weird
22:44 Sunny: We are doing Big Brother, and Duke/OHF/Matt are in the bottom 3
22:44 Sunny: Who should be the Bottom 2?
22:44 Matt: PICK ME
22:44 dyna: oh my god are you seriously doing this @Sunn
22:44 zeke: why @Sunny
22:44 Duke: Yeah annoying personal ones >~> @Matt
22:44 Sunny: She doesn't have to tho @ Zeke
22:44 Bernotnice: My shirt is like a magenta color?
22:44 leaky lakey leak lake: >~>
22:44 ck: OHF is essentially Rick Ross
22:44 Sunny: I'm just scaring everyone that's in jeopardy
22:44 Bruno: dying @Sunny
22:44 ck: if you require any additional information beyond their names
22:45 Matt: Save me.
22:45 Matt: I'm pretty.
22:45 dyna: Matt is basically the weird dude at a bar
22:45 max: Matt is average at BEST
22:45 Matt: what
22:45 Duke: Duke is essentially Duke
22:45 dyna: and Duke is also known as Nduck
22:45 dyna: sooooooo
22:45 Matt: I'M GORGE
22:45 Duke: Dyna I will kill you for that >~>
22:45 Matt: Best looking guy on the wiki
22:45 max: remember the time you got banned for calling him Ndouche @Dyna
22:45 max: wait
22:45 max: that was Reddy
22:45 Matt: oh
22:45 dyna: shut up @MrE
22:45 Matt: I just call him duck.
22:45 Matt: I like ducks.
22:45 max: ily2 @Dyna
22:46 Bernotnice: Haha, Matt you look like my uncle.
22:46 max: she said you look like a creepy uncle how does that FEEL @Matt
22:46 zeke: (ooh, which one? Pete?)
22:46 Bernotnice: Pete
22:46 zeke: Yes
22:46 Bernotnice: Also Tim!
22:46 zeke: It's not the same Matt, sadly
22:46 Bernotnice: What a bro..
22:46 zeke: :(
22:46 Matt: wait
22:46 Matt: what?
22:46 Bernotnice: oh really/
22:46 zeke: She's mixing up her Matts.
22:47 Matt: pls no I'm no uncle
22:47 dyna: hey bernice do you think the really tall dude in this picture with the grey beard looks like Dick Valentine
22:47 dyna: 10254978_10152398472249207_1433959679895196480_n.jpg
22:47 ck: I'm trying to think of questions to ask but I can't come up with anything
22:47 Matt: I'm not ready to be an uncle.
22:47 zeke: (I showed her the pic and she said yes @TBTDIF)
22:47 dyna: aw
22:47 Epic: lol
22:47 dyna: you ruining it @zoad
22:47 Epic: Why are we like
22:47 Epic: interrogating her
22:47 Epic: XD
22:47 max: gonna go on TC soon
22:47 Matt: I really hope I don't look like an uncle.
22:47 Bernotnice: I just sounded like a creeper. Sorry Matt. DICK VALENTINE OMG
22:47 max: and show off my SHADES
22:47 Matt: :(
22:47 zeke: oh god not TC
22:47 ck: I am an uncle tbh
22:48 Matt: I'm gonna go cuz I'm sad and ugly
22:48 Matt: *hangs self in shower*
22:48 ck: even though I'm 16
22:48 Epic: That sounds like a line from Survivor it were a cheesy kids movie
22:48 Epic: "Oh no, not TC!"
22:48 dyna: "what's TC?"
22:48 dyna: "Tribal Council, dummy. What's the matter, Regis? Aren't you HIP?"
22:48 ck: "...tribal council."
22:48 zeke: ....
22:48 ck: ~ everyone is shocked ~
22:48 zeke: "Regis"
22:49 dyna: first name i thought of @zoad
22:49 ck: Regis is a victim of bullying :(
22:49 Bruno: same @CK
22:49 Bruno: but I'm 17
22:50 Bruno: but my brother is 27
22:50 Epic: That reminds me of those godawful TDCelebrities stories
22:50 Epic: @Regis
22:50 dyna: Webly's one?
22:50 dyna: or like the new ones
22:50 Bruno: and my niece is an 1-year-old g.oddess <333333333333
22:50 dyna: made by some loser
22:50 Dra: hi
22:51 ck: my nephew is like 1 month old
22:51 Epic: new ones
22:51 Epic: @Dyna
22:51 zeke: (I think Bernice left/is leaving)
22:51 Bruno: what's his name? @CK
22:51 dyna: why the hell am I still here
22:51 Bruno: My niece shares a name with one of CaVi <3
22:51 ck: Riley tbh @Bruno
22:51 ck: omg Vitoria ??
22:51 Bernotnice: I am always lurking.
22:51 Bruno: Vitoria g.oddess
22:51 dyna: like
22:51 Bruno: yep @CK
22:51 dyna: I have homework and stuff
22:51 max: Vitoria <3
22:51 dyna: I shouldn't be here still
22:51 ck: Lurknice tbh
22:52 zeke: Lurknice <3
22:52 ck: or would it be Berlurk
22:52 max: My brother is a brony.
22:52 max: it's funny.
22:52 ck: I love how there's a random erotic story casually to the left of this chat
22:52 Bernotnice: I like Berlurk.
22:52 Bernotnice: Shrek is love.
22:53 max: In the end, yer love fer yer parents is the most important thing in life.
22:54 ck: I heard someone reference Shrek is Love/Life the other day and I wasn't sure which emotion to express
22:54 Bernotnice: Shrek having sex with children and teaching you life lessons all in one.
22:54 zeke: I'm so happy.
22:54 dyna: seriously I feel kind of guilty about including the sex now
22:54 dyna: like it seems so out of character
22:54 dyna: idk I get attached to this stuff
22:54 max: well Dyna
22:54 max: it's too late
22:54 ck: does anyone else enjoy the lemon oreos
22:54 max: it's all ogre now
22:54 ck: I just had like 8
22:55 Bernotnice: THEY MAKE LEMON OREOS
22:55 dyna: hey Bernice did you know that Christopher Walken was a professional dancer before he became an actor
22:55 max: more like Christopher Dancin
22:55 Bruno: Lemon oreos?
22:55 Bruno: is that a thing?
22:55 dyna: I guess
22:55 zeke: I shamefully laughed @Max
22:55 dyna: @MrE
22:56 ck: YES THEY'RE GREAT @Bernice
22:56 dyna: I read that as "Christopher Damon" at first and I was like what's so special about that
22:56 ck: and yes @anyone who asked
22:56 Bernotnice: That made my night. @dyna
22:56 dyna: thanks :D
22:56 Bernotnice: But what is this about lemon oreos
22:56 Bernotnice: I need that shit in my life.
22:57 ck: They're real, you really do
22:57 zeke: They don't sell those here, do they?
22:57 Dra: hi bernice
22:57 max: I've seen them once
22:57 max: Dra CHANGE YOUR COLOR
22:57 max: >:O
22:57 ck: I didn't know they existed until they appeared in my kitchen yesterday
22:57 Dra: no
22:57 Dra: ck quit ignoring my pms
22:57 Dra: it's upsetting me
22:57 Bernotnice: So what's this I hear about you all knowing Monica?
22:57 Bernotnice: And hello :)
22:58 Dra: hi
22:58 max: Dra is the resident Dra.
22:58 Dra: (canberra)
22:58 zeke: "quit ignoring my pms" looks quite different in lowercase.
22:58 Dra: ...
22:58 max: Dra is really a girl.
22:58 Dra: (canberra)
22:58 Dra: tbh
22:58 Dra: no I'm not a girl
22:58 zeke: So the opposite of Trish? @MrE
22:58 ck: to be honest I call her "Iconica" because she's iconic
22:58 max: *cackles evily*
22:58 Dra: (ev)
22:59 Dra: @mystery
22:59 max: ahuhuhuhuh
22:59 Space: Ah so this is where everyone is. Oh and hello Bernice, I'm Space!
22:59 dyna: tbh I barely watch Survivor so I have no idea what's going on atm
22:59 dyna: SPACE :D
22:59 ck: it's not Monica Culpepper @Dra
22:59 dyna: Space is this dude who plays football and shit and he's basically a wizard irl
22:59 Bernotnice: Hello Space!
22:59 max: Space is the resident skyscraper.
22:59 Dra: I didn't say it was@ck
22:59 Space: I'm not a wizard
22:59 Space: Well skyscrapper maybe
22:59 ck: o
22:59 Dra: I said to quit ignoring my private messages
22:59 Dra: and then posted (ev)
22:59 Space: Toad's almost as tall as I am
22:59 max: didn't Reddy once make a super-hero character that reminded everyone of Space
23:00 ck: there I sent you a private message @Dra
23:00 Bernotnice: Being tall is fun I am 5'9.
23:00 dyna: can you die @Bernice
23:00 max: lol
23:00 ck: not sure of my height but I might also be 5'9
23:00 zeke: Being tall <3
23:00 dyna: sorry I'm just really short
23:00 Bruno: rude @Dyna
23:00 dyna: and am super insecure SHUT UP @zoad
23:00 ck: haven't really checked since February
23:00 Space: That's exactly how tall my gf is, funny
23:00 dyna: and am super insecure about my heigh
23:00 dyna: t
23:00 Bruno: cry @tall people
23:00 Bruno: I am like
23:00 max: I am like 6'0"
23:00 Dra: I'm 6'3"
23:00 Bruno: average height
23:00 Bruno: cry
23:00 max: well 5'11" and a half
23:00 Space: Toad, how tall are you again?
23:00 Dra: (ev)
23:01 max: but I like saying 6'0"
23:01 Bruno: I'm so... average overall
23:01 Bruno: :(
23:01 dyna: short people fistbump @bruno
23:01 ck: do I need to talk
23:01 ck: llama
23:01 dyna: CK's short
23:01 zeke: 6'4 and a half @Space
23:01 dyna: I know because I met him and he was like three inches taller than me idk
23:01 Bruno: short people > tall people @Dyna
23:01 Bruno: tbh
23:01 dyna: exactly @Bruno
23:01 Bernotnice: Hey, all heights are wonderful!
23:01 Space: Still got three and a half inches
23:01 Space: Yesh
23:01 max: Zeke could play basketball if he didn't suck at sports :)
23:01 max: idk if he sucks at sports
23:01 Space: and probably a hundred pounds XD
23:01 Bernotnice: Sports are hard.
23:02 ck: I tried sports once
23:02 ck: emphasis on "tried"
23:02 max: I tried sports once.
23:02 max: I broke my ankle
23:02 max: almost
23:02 dyna: I...idk I could try sports again
23:02 Space: *sits in the corner whistling*
23:02 zeke: Eh. I run. That's something.
23:02 zeke: Right?
23:02 Bernotnice: I did roller derby for 2 years...
23:02 max: Space tried sports once.
23:02 dyna: I could go out for a sport at school next year or something
23:02 dyna: baseball maybe
23:02 dyna: I'd have to actually knuckle down though
23:02 max: Hey Space
23:02 Space: Yeah?
23:02 dyna: my school's JV baseball team is atrocious so I'm sure they'd let me on
23:02 max: have you been on every foot ball team in your schools
23:02 Space: Yup
23:03 max: Cool. lol
23:03 max: what position do you play anyways
23:03 Space: Defensive End
23:03 max: Cool.
23:03 max: Some people tell me I should play football but I'm too lazy to tbh
23:03 Space: More specifically Right End mostly
23:03 Bernotnice: I tried softball when I was younger once. It resulted in me hitting someone in the head with a bat.
23:03 dyna: lol
23:04 Bernotnice: Not fun times...
23:04 Space: I did something similar with a golf club
23:04 max: what if it was someone you hated that you hit
23:04 Space: So it's not uncommon XD
23:04 Bernotnice: But she is a bitch now so kind of fun times..
23:04 max: I got hit in the head with a baseball once if that counts.
23:04 ck: semi-fun times
23:04 zeke: (ooh, I never heard about this!)
23:05 max: gonna kick their ass in classes
23:05 max: gonna get good grades
23:05 Bruno: oh
23:05 Bruno: talking about sports
23:05 Bruno: sports and I are not friends tbh :(
23:05 Space: Or you can have the best of both worlds like mwah @MrE
23:05 max: lol
23:06 dyna: didn't you say you were like 5'3 as a high school freshman @Space
23:06 Space: Yup 5' 8" actually... I was still fast though
23:06 ck: "i will kill you zeke...i will, and i'll hide your body and they"
23:06 ck: wow that failed really badly
23:06 ck: "they'll never find it"
23:06 Bernotnice: Oh Monica..
23:06 Space: I used to be a receiver/tailback
23:06 max: you jumped up like, a foot and a half? @Space
23:07 max: impressive.
23:07 Space: pretty much, one big ass growth spurt over the summer of sophmore year
23:07 dyna: the summer before or after?
23:07 Space: After
23:07 max: did you just wake up one day and think
23:08 max: "holy shit I'm giant!"
23:08 Space: Not really, it was a fairly gradual change really... well as gradual as it can b
23:08 Space: be
23:08 max: yeah but still that's a pretty huge leap lol
23:09 Space: I dunno, my doctor called me a 'freak of nature'
23:09 max: harsh
23:09 Space: But we really shouldn't be talking about awkward as hell me XD
23:10 Space: Cause whenever I come up chat dies
23:10 Space: Like right now...
23:10 max: lol
23:10 dyna: eh
23:10 Bernotnice: Awkward stage you say?
23:10 dyna: hey Bernice you're on a computer right?
23:11 Bernotnice: Yep!
23:11 dyna: you could join us on chat
23:11 zeke: Show them the PEI pics.
23:11 dyna: if you made an account
23:11 Space: Oh I'm perpetually awkward...
23:11 zeke: she'd have to make an account and everything @TBTDIF
23:11 dyna: just have her use one of your socks
23:11 Space: Yeah, and that's work!
23:11 dyna: use GaryColemanFromTVsDiffrentStrokes
23:11 dyna: or Black Santa or something
23:12 Bernotnice: IT WAS HOT. Zeke you should show them the PEI pictures.
23:12 dyna: the password for GaryColeman is hi I think
23:12 zeke: Eh, I'll teach her to use chat tomorrow if she wants. :P
23:12 zeke: I shall show you guys Bernice's awkward stage
23:12 Bernotnice: Sounds like a plan @Zeke
23:12 dyna: so now I'm thinking of Avenue Q agai
23:12 zeke: #bigdaddy
23:12 Bernotnice: WHY
23:12 Space: Still can't be as awkward as having clothes for a 5' 8" dude when you're 6' freaking 8"
23:13 dyna: I really wish I could go back in time and see Avenue Q with the original broadway cast
23:13 zeke: 285075_2090923367087_3754135_n.jpg
23:13 Space: But try me
23:13 zeke: Okay, this might be the best.
23:13 zeke: Bernice's awkward stage @everyone
23:13 Space: LOBSTERS!
23:13 dyna: you look, like, twelve
23:13 Space: or are those wait...
23:13 Bernotnice: At least show them a more recent photo so they know I did the puberty.
23:14 zeke: 282509_2090911406788_4246841_n.jpg
23:14 zeke: Here's another one
23:14 zeke: Ooh, they've seen the prom pics, I believe. :P @Bernice
23:14 Bernotnice: I was pretty sexy back then...
23:14 zeke: The luscious flow, though
23:15 Space: You guys went to prom together, that's sweet.
23:15 zeke: We did! I can show you a pic @Space
23:15 dyna: brian is my favorite character in Avenue Q
23:15 dyna: closely followed by Gary Coleman
23:15 dyna: and then Rod
23:15 dyna: and then, like...idk
23:17 ck: so
23:17 ck: life
23:17 dyna: guys just go back to chat
23:17 dyna: anyway nice to meet you Bernice
23:17 zeke:
23:17 Space: I remember my prom... my finest moments. Roni and I crashing it for all le 'cool people' by crushing them on the dance floor
23:17 zeke: so this was me when I first joined the wiki @guys
23:18 max: hah
23:18 Bernotnice: Nice to meet you too! @dyna
23:18 Bernotnice: DAT LUSCIOUS FLOW
23:18 ck: dat luscious flow indeed
23:18 Space: Dat hair... it's even larger than mine...
23:19 Bernotnice: My hair is shorter than that.
23:19 max: I do believe I have the longest hair here.
23:19 Space: *stokes beard* still got y'all beat in this area though
23:19 zeke: If only I could grow a neckbeard
23:19 max: *whips hair*
23:19 ck: currently unable to whip my hair back and forth
23:19 Space: Toad, have you seen my bear before
23:19 Bernotnice: You would be like 10000x more sexy @Zeke
23:19 Space: *beard
23:20 zeke: I have! @Space
23:20 max: there is this guy in the band at school who has a neckbeard
23:20 Space: It is most amazing yes?
23:20 dyna: I've got like
23:20 dyna: stubble
23:20 dyna: @Space
23:20 dyna: on my chin/cheeks
23:20 dyna: maybe I'll be able to grow a full beard by like senior year or something
23:20 Dra: im gonna swing from the chandelier
23:21 Bernotnice: I have a pretty luscious beard myself..
23:21 zeke: She does. It's hot.
23:21 ck: my beard is so great that you can't see it
23:21 ck: #invisibeard
23:21 max: I feel like I am physically incapable of growing any facial hair
23:21 max: other than a jestache
23:21 dyna: she does have a pretty luscious beard
23:22 dyna: his name is Zeke
23:22 dyna: heyoooooooooooooooooo
23:22 max: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
23:22 Bernotnice: whoaaaaaaaaaaa
23:22 Space: Photo_%285%29.JPG
23:22 zeke: ... I was about to make that joke omg @TBTDIF
23:23 Space: Le luscious beard at it's finest.
23:23 dyna: goddamn
23:23 dyna: I wish my dad looked like you when he was in college
23:23 dyna: he probably just looked like a loser though
23:23 Space: I've looked like that sine freshman year too
23:23 max: are you implying your girlfriend is a lesbian @Zeke
23:23 Dra: gosh dang
23:23 Dra: @dyns
23:23 Dra: dyna*
23:23 Space: as in freshman year of HS xd
23:23 Space: *XD
23:24 Bernotnice: I get that a lot @max
23:24 dyna: ...@Space
23:24 dyna: I know one guy--one guy--who has more facial hair then I do in my grade
23:24 dyna: *than
23:24 dyna: well I mean I don't know if other people do or not
23:24 max: I bet it's the short hair @Bernice
23:25 Space: Well then you know plenty of rude people @Bernice
23:25 zeke: (Eh, I still love the short hair.)
23:25 Bernotnice: This is true@Space
23:25 Space: People insinuating stuff before they know a dang thing
23:25 zeke: yeah, Okemos people... aren't fun
23:25 Space: Lots of people think I'm stupid when they look at me
23:26 Dra: wow people insinuate that I'm gay but don't know anything
23:26 Dra: (sun)
23:26 Dra: :(
23:26 max: Most prople think I'm gay because of my hair tbh
23:26 max: people*
23:26 dyna: really?
23:26 Space: People think I'm dumb because I look like a giant caveman XD
23:27 dyna: people think I'm nerdy because I have big ears and glasses and a lot of acne
23:27 zeke: people think I'm nerdy because I am
23:27 Dra: o
23:28 Bernotnice: Nerds are sexy @Zeke
23:28 max: ooh couple chat better leave guys
23:28 Bruno: "Nerds are sexy @Zeke"
23:28 Bruno: considering I'm a nerd... this is not true
23:29 Space: She's actually right. Due to mainstream thought these days nerds are considered one of the sexiest stereotypes out there.
23:29 zeke: ;\
23:29 max: more like a ripped jock wearing hipsterglasses
23:29 Space: But uh, ignore le pschology major
23:29 max: or a chick who is exposing like 3/4s of her tits and wearing hipsterglasses
23:29 Bernotnice: I am attracted to intelligence.
23:29 Space: *psychology
23:29 Bruno: ^ @Max/Space
23:29 zeke: ^ @Bernice
23:29 zeke: and @Max/Space too
23:30 Space: Daww
23:30 dyna: oh cool you're a psychology major? @Space
23:30 max: Smartisexual
23:30 dyna: I thought you did like engineering stuff
23:30 max: Intellisexual
23:30 Space: Yeah, double majoring now
23:30 ck: Intellisexual sounds like a really weird sexuality
23:30 dyna: it sounds nonexistent
23:30 Space: I actually picked up the psych major on top of my EE stuff
23:30 ck: like you're attracted to security cameras
23:30 dyna: like demisexual
23:30 dyna: ah, cool @Space
23:30 Bernotnice: How did you know @ck
23:30 max: I am sexualsexual.
23:30 Bruno: that as "denisexual" @Dyna
23:31 dyna: I'm not really a science dude
23:31 Bruno: I am Denisexual tbh
23:31 dyna: ...dead @Bruno
23:31 ck: i'm obviously psychic @Bernice
23:31 Space: Probably cause I'm on track to finish my degree requirements next
23:31 Space: *year
23:31 Space: So I'd be bored as hell without a second major to work on
23:32 Bernotnice: I can believe that @ck
23:33 Space: Anyone else notice the sudden appearance and disappearance of MorkaDelRay?
23:33 dyna: oh Zeke/Toad
23:33 max: Toke
23:33 dyna: Zoke
23:34 max: no
23:34 Space: Ted
23:34 dyna: Zead
23:34 Space: Zaeed
23:34 Space: *hopes someone got that one*
23:34 max: lol
23:35 Space: ME <3
23:35 max: I got it
23:35 Space: ME loves ME <3 XD
23:35 dyna: anyway whenever Zeke/Toad gets here
23:35 dyna: I'm currently listening to the newest song on Zach Sherwin's youtube channel
23:36 Bernotnice: I can summon him.
23:36 max: ooh
23:36 dyna: that'd be nice because idk if he's heard it yet
23:36 zeke: Ooh.
23:36 zeke: I'm here.
23:36 dyna: hi
23:36 Space: *watches as everyone reads into it too far XD*
23:36 dyna:
23:37 zeke: K, listening
23:37 Space: I feel far more obnoxious than usual tonight... gotta be a full moon or somethin
23:37 max: This sounds like something Flight of the Conchords would make @Dyna
23:37 max: you're not obnoxious tho @Space
23:38 dyna: eh
23:38 dyna: it's just interesting.
23:38 dyna: you're still cool as ever @Space
23:38 Space: Oh, okay!
23:38 Bruno: I am obnoxious in this chat tbh @Space
23:39 Bruno: that's why I'm quiet
23:39 max: yes @Bernice
23:39 max: omg you know who they are <3
23:39 Space: Agreed @both of you
23:39 dyna: ew Mac Miller changed his last name from McCormick to Miller
23:39 dyna: also he's apparently Jewish
23:39 Space: Don't worry E, you're not alone XD
23:39 zeke: He is. I knew about that actually @TBTDIF
23:39 zeke: Mac Miller sucks
23:40 Bruno: ew @Mac Miller
23:40 max: lol
23:40 max: lol @Space
23:40 Space: Tell me something that isn't obvious @Toad
23:40 ck: omg, Flight of the Concords
23:40 ck: I've only heard Carol Brown but that song is amazing
23:40 dyna: idk I know...a few of their songs
23:40 dyna: I need to watch the show
23:40 max: they have so many good songs tho @CK
23:41 max: bum bum bum
23:41 max: bum bum bum
23:41 max: ping
23:41 max: anyhow
23:41 Bernotnice: They are fucking amazing. I have heard many a song and marathoned the show.
23:41 zeke: ^ @TBTDIF
23:41 zeke: there are many shows I need to watch.
23:41 dyna: I hate watching TV in general
23:41 zeke: She's getting me to watch some, thankfully.
23:41 dyna: just too much work
23:41 max: I have as well @Bernice
23:41 zeke: Yeah, sadly I'm not a big TV guy (mostly due to laziness(
23:41 Bruno: @Zeke
23:41 zeke: *)
23:41 ck: you need to watch orange is the new black eventually but i've said this a lot already @Zeke
23:41 Space: OitNB <3
23:42 Bruno: I'm gonna watch Orange Is The New Black soon
23:42 zeke: Oh, yeah, that's on my list
23:42 zeke: Sherlock is at the top (thanks to Bernice)
23:42 dyna: I think I like Zach Sherwin more than Watsky
23:42 dyna: he's a lot more relatable
23:42 Space: Everyone I know who watches that show hates me cause I love Crazy Eyes
23:42 Bruno: because CK/OHF/friend from school are all convincing me to do so
23:42 max: get me a small man's wetsuit
23:42 max: please
23:42 zeke: I may have to agree @TBTDIF
23:43 dyna: like Zach Sherwin is the perfect nerd rapper sorta
23:43 Space: Oh and for some reason a lot of people like Pornstache... and I will never understand it
23:43 dyna: if he went on tour I'd go see him. whereas with Watsky I probably wouldn't
23:45 Duke: Pornstache is GROSSSS
23:45 Space: THANK YOU
23:46 Space: So many people are like 'Pornstache is a likable villain."
23:47 Space: No he's not... he's the special brand of asshole that needs to be hit by a bus and buried alive
23:47 Dra: hi
23:47 Space: hi
23:47 Dra: hi
23:47 dyna: hi
23:47 Space: not starting this
23:47 Bruno: hi
23:47 Space: dammit
23:47 ck: well I'm gonna #popout
23:48 Bernotnice: Hey, it was nice meeting you all and shit. Hope to randomly lurk in other conversations.
23:48 Space: Nice to meet you as well :D
23:48 zeke: Glad you came on! :D @Bernice
23:48 dyna: so good to meet you!
23:48 zeke: (I mean, I'm also talking to you on facebook but still)
23:48 Bruno: nice to meet you too, bernice
23:48 max: EUGENE
23:48 max: STOP THE TRACK
23:49 max: Also it was nice to meet you Bernice lol
23:49 Bernotnice: Goodbye all! Stay clusterfucked and amazing.
23:49 dyna: but, yeah, you're great. hope you come back soon
23:49 zeke: She's gone!
23:49 max: that was cool tbh
23:49 zeke: Oh yeah, thanks for being cool, btw :P
23:49 zeke: @all
23:49 zeke: except Black Santa
23:49 Space: Clustefucked and amazing <3 it's so true XD
23:49 max: Black Santa >_>
23:50 Bruno: @Zeke
23:50 Space: Well you were cool to my gf, least I can do
23:50 max: does she know about the wiki or are we just "internet friends"
23:51 Bruno: i
23:51 zeke: she knows lol
23:51 Bruno: o*
23:51 Bruno: it's dead
23:51 zeke: I've told her about the wiki :P
23:51 Bruno: no wait nvmd
23:51 zeke: kk, we can go back to chat
23:51 zeke: ;\
23:51 Space: fine
August 9, 2014
2:05 blackburrito : black burritoooo
2:09 mika: this is mika
2:09 mika: what is this?
September 13, 2014
22:58 LocalMeRuinsEverything: .
22:58 LocalMeRuinsEverything: Why am I "LocalMeRuinsEverything"
22:58 zeke: ... dead
October 12, 2015
0:10 max: this is the worst thing ever
0:11 Fuckhands McMike: oh god
0:11 Fuckhands McMike: I'm too scared to look
0:11 unnamed: September 13, 2014 22:58 LocalMeRuinsEverything: . 22:58 LocalMeRuinsEverything: Why am I "LocalMeRuinsEverything"
0:11 this is dyna: omg space being part of this
0:12 Fuckhands McMike: throwback to Black Santa
0:12 Fuckhands McMike: Who was actually O
July 9, 2017
0:46 unnamed: damn
0:46 unnamed: holy shit
0:46 indus river valley civilization: hi im steve

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