Editor's Note: Certain seasons don't actually have results because I made the casts and then promptly abandoned the Brants due to laziness. Sorry about that... but not really. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about the seasons.

Seasons 33+: Toad's Big Brother Wave 2: Part II - The Re-Up

Big Brother 1Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Stephen Biggie Bridgette Biggie Ben
Shulk Ben
2 Avocado Bridgette Robyn Bridgette Ingrid
Ingrid Ingrid
3 Ennui Wendy Stephen Katya Avocado
Avocado Avocado
4 Shulk Mr. Ratburn Wendy Mr. Ratburn Mr. Ratburn
Stephen Stephen
5 Bridgette Exeggutor Bridgette Exeggutor Exeggutor
Katya Katya
Jury Phase Begins
6 Shulk Stephen Robyn Stephen Stephen
Coeur de Pirate Coeur de Pirate
FF Robyn Wendy Robyn Wendy Wendy
Biggie Biggie
7 Katya Ennui Bridgette Ennui Ennui
Coeur de Pirate Coeur de Pirate
8 Coeur de Pirate Shulk Bridgette Shulk Katya
Katya Katya
9 Shulk Coeur de Pirate Robyn Coeur de Pirate Biggie
Biggie Biggie
10 Robyn Shulk Bridgette Shulk Coeur de Pirate
Bridgette Coeur de Pirate
Finale Shulk Bridgette Robyn
Runner-Up: Shulk (0 Jury Votes)
Winner: Bridgette Dunning (7 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Robyn Adele Anderson

Big Brother 2Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Liza Josh Liza Josh Ken
Ken Ken
2 Disgust Liza Latrice Liza Liza
Miss Li Josh
3 William Latrice Sarah Florent Drake
Drake Drake
4 Kim William Latrice William William
Sarah Sarah
Jury Phase Begins
5 Disgust Sarah Sarah Kim Latrice
Latrice Latrice
6 Kim Sarah Kim Sarah Disgust
Disgust Disgust
7 Miss Li Sarah Courtney Sarah Sarah
Kim Kim
8 Florent Kim Florent Kim Kim
Miss Li Miss Li
9 Florent Courtney Florent Courtney Josh
Miss Li Josh
10 Miss Li Florent Florent Cortez Courtney
Courtney Courtney
Finale Cortez Miss Li Florent
Runner-Up: Cortez (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Miss Li (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Sarah Hanlon

Big Brother 3Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations BotB Winners PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
Doña Clotilde, Mrs. Kasha Davis, & Hector the Reflector Join Team America
1 Andy V. Supreme Vermin Supreme Hector Popplio Evo Popplio Evo
Mogo Mogo
Hannah Popplio Evo Mogo Mogo Andy
2 Dihydroxy. Riverdancer Hector Hector Stevie Hannah
Doña Clotilde Hector Marina Hannah
3 Majin Buu Hector Riverdancer Majin Buu Hector Andy
Mogo Mogo Riverdancer Doña Clotilde Andy
Doña Clotilde
4 Mogo Mogo Doña Clotilde Majin Buu Majin Buu Doña Clotilde Hector
Stevie Majin Buu Dihydroxyacetone Hector
5 D.D. Daddy Stevie Stevie Doña Clotilde V. Supreme Majin Buu
Mogo Mogo
Bismo Dihydroxy. Mogo Mogo Majin Buu
Majin Buu
Jury Phase Begins
6 V. Supreme Dihydroxy. Doña Clotilde Dihydroxyacetone Mogo Mogo Mogo Mogo
Mogo Mogo Doña Clotilde Bismo Stevie
FF Stevie Doña Clotilde Vermin Supreme Doña Clotilde Doña Clotilde
V. Supreme Bismo
7 Dihydroxy. Stevie Stevie Marina Dihydroxy. Dihydroxyacetone
V. Supreme
Marina D.D. Daddy Vermin Supreme Riverdancer
8 D.D. Daddy Riverdancer Stevie Mrs. Kasha Davis Bismo Marina
Jax Stevie Vermin Supreme Marina
V. Supreme
The Entire Mogo Mogo Tribe Returns
9 Bismo Jax Stevie V. Supreme Ding Dong Daddy
D.D. Daddy D.D. Daddy
10 Jax Mogo Mogo Stevie V. Supreme Mogo Mogo
Stevie Mogo Mogo
FF Kasha Jax Bismo Jax Stevie
Stevie Stevie
11 Bismo Kasha Riverdancer Kasha Reset Button
Jax V. Supreme
Riverdancer Bismo Riverdancer Bismo Bismo
Kasha Jax
12 Jax Riverdancer Jax V. Supreme Vermin Supreme
Kasha Kasha
FF Kasha Jax Riverdancer
Runner-Up: Mrs. Kasha Davis (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Jax (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Dihydroxyacetone

Big Brother 4Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 TheStalker Taylor Gerold Ariana Ariana
Figgy Figgy
2 Ludwig Gerold Kitty Gerold Gerold
Kitty Simon
3 Cristina Ludwig Simon Ludwig Ludwig
Figgy TheStalker
4 Simon TheStalker TheStalker Kitty Kitty
Figgy Figgy
5 Garfunkel TheStalker Simon TheStalker TheStalker
Figgy Figgy
Kitty Returns
6 Simon Larry Cristina Larry Kitty
Taylor Kitty
Jury Phase Begins
FF Seymour Simon Garfunkel Larry Cristina
Cristina Cristina
7 Emma Simon Figgy Simon Simon
Garfunkel Garfunkel
8 Larry Figgy Seymour Figgy Garfunkel
Garfunkel Garfunkel
FF Figgy Emma Marge Emma Larry
Larry Larry
9 Seymour Figgy Marge Figgy Figgy
Marge Emma
10 Taylor Marge Marge Emma Seymour
Seymour Seymour
FF Marge Taylor Emma
Runner-Up: Taylor Stocker (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: LargeMarge69 (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Larry Koopa

Big Brother 5Edit



Big Brother 6(66)Edit



Big Brother 7: All-StarsEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 The Whole Cast Seymour Dihydroxyacetone Seymour Dugtrio
Dihydroxyacetone Dugtrio
2 Francesca Florent Courtney Florent Marge
Marge Marge
FF Josh Shaggy VITAS
3 Katya Vivian Katya Vivian Seymour
Seymour Seymour
4 Francesca Florent Wendy Dihydroxyacetone Shaggy
Wendy Shaggy
Jury Phase Begins
VITAS Returns
5 Canada Francesca Katya Francesca Francesca
Wendy Wendy
6 Florent Cristina Marina Cristina Cristina
Katya Katya
7 Katya VITAS VITAS Florent Vivian
Vivian Vivian
TE VITAS Katya Josh Katya Wendy
Josh Wendy
Dihydroxyacetone Dihydroxyacetone
Courtney & Josh Voted Have-Nots By Canada
Courtney Wins The Have-Not Super Power
8 Shulk Florent Josh Florent
Dihydroxyacetone Courtney
Courtney Uses The Have-Not Super Power On Herself
Florent Marina
9 Courtney Florent Shulk Florent Florent
Josh Josh
DE Josh Shulk Dihydroxyacetone Shulk Shulk
10 Dihydroxyacetone Courtney Courtney Josh Josh
11 Dihydroxyacetone Courtney VITAS
Florent L'Belle Evicted From Jury
Runner-Up: Courtney Yates (4 Jury Votes)
Winner: Dihydroxyacetone (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: VITAS

Big Brother 8Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 N Aviva Alaska Aviva Aviva
Louise Louise
2 Zach Bjork Witch of
the Waste
Bjork Nevel
Nevel Nevel
3 Witch of
the Waste
Luna Morton Luna Alaska
Alaska Alaska
4 Louise N Louise N MC Bin Laden
MC Bin Laden MC Bin Laden
5 Witch of
the Waste
Luna Zach Luna Crustle
Crustle Crustle
Jury Phase Begins
6 Nick Luna Nick Luna Morton
Morton Morton
7 Witch of
the Waste
Luna Luna Napoleon Louise
Louise Louise
8 Luna Witch of the Waste Zach Witch of the Waste Witch of
the Waste
Nick Nick
9 N Bjork Bjork Zach Nick
Nick Nick
10 Napoleon Luna Bjork Luna Luna
Bjork N
11 Bjork Zach N Zach Napoleon
N Napoleon
FF Zach Bjork Bjork
Runner-Up: Zach Condon (1 Jury Vote)
Winner: Natural Harmonia Gropius (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Nick Maiorano

Big Brother 9Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Leggy Blonde Julien Julien & Patricia Jax Francisco Will Gor
Patricia Will Gor
2 Nic Roxy Nic Roxy Roxy
Ramona Ramona
3 Leggy Blonde Patricia Leggy Blonde Patricia Julien
Julien Julien
4 Beldam Dinah Funky Phil Murray Leggy Blonde
Funky Phil Leggy Blonde
5 Ramona Nic Beldam Nic Patricia
Patricia Patricia
FF Murray Marilyn Murray Marilyn Marilyn
Beldam Ramona
Jury Phase Begins
Marilyn Returns
6 A L E X Dinah Ramona Dinah Jax Francisco
Jax Francisco Jax Francisco
7 Marilyn Murray Funky Phil Murray Beldam
Beldam Beldam
FF A L E X Dinah Nic Dinah Funky Phil
Nic Funky Phil
8 Marilyn Dinah A L E X Dinah Murray
Murray Murray
9 Ramona Nic Nic Marilyn Marilyn
Dinah Dinah
10 Nic A L E X A L E X Dinah Dinah
Ramona Ramona
11 Nic A L E X Ramona
Runner-Up: A L E X (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Wild Nic In His Natural Habitat (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Ramona Flowers

Big Brother 10Edit



Big Brother 11Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 (kate) Ezekiel (kate) Ezekiel Ezekiel
Ivanka Ivanka
Jemaine Clement & Alli Forsythe Join the Game
2 Figwit Dilma Figwit Marina (kate)
(kate) (kate)
3 Sean Tamatoa Sean Tamatoa Figwit
Figwit Figwit
4 Tamatoa Jemaine Comic Book Guy Jemaine Sean
Sean Sean
DE Alli Marina Alli Marina Comic Book Guy
Steve Comic Book Guy
5 Solveig Tamatoa Tamatoa Dilma Alli
Alli Alli
Sean Sullivan Returns to the Game
Jury Phase Begins
6 Ivanka Tamatoa Solveig Tamatoa Tamatoa
Solveig Sean
7 Steve Marina Marina Solveig Solveig
Sean Sean
8 Yubaba Marina Ivanka Lillie Sean
Sean Sean
9 Ivanka Marina Lillie Marina Yubaba
Yubaba Yubaba
10 Dilma Marina Jemaine Marina Ivanka
Ivanka Ivanka
DE Jemaine Lillie Guzma Marina Dilma
Dilma Dilma
11 Lillie Marina Lillie Guzma Guzma
Jemaine Jemaine
12 Steve Lillie Lillie Marina Jemaine
Jemaine Jemaine
Finale Lillie Steve Steve
Runner-Up: Marina Lambrini Diamandis (1 Jury Vote)
Winner: Lillie (8 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Sean Sullivan

Big Brother 12Edit

Week No. HoH Winner MVP Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Ines London Dakora Lemmy Dakora Flurrie
Flurrie Flurrie
Gladion Gladion
2 London Canberra Adore London Adore Sufjan
Poo Poo
Sufjan Sufjan
3 The Rock Gladion Dakora Ines Dakora Barry
Barry Barry
Canberra Rodrick
4 Rodrick America The Rock Rodrick The Rock Marie
Marie Marie
Poo Poo
5 Robbie America Dakora Bruxish Dakora Lemmy
Lemmy Lemmy
The Rock Ines
Jury Phase Begins
6 Ines America Dakora Rodrick Dakora Robbie
Rodrick Robbie
Bruxish Bruxish
FF Poo London Ines London London
Dakora Canberra
7 Bruxish Adore Adore Canberra Canberra
Ines Ines
8 Dakora Poo Gladion Poo Ines
Ines Ines
Canberra Returns to the Game
9 Poo Dakora Canberra The Rock The Rock
Rodrick Rodrick
10 Gladion Rodrick Bruxish Rodrick Canberra
Canberra Canberra
FF Rodrick Gladion Poo Gladion Dakora
Poo Dakora
11 Adore Bruxish Gladion Bruxish Poo
Poo Poo
12 Gladion Bruxish Gladion Bruxish Bruxish
Rodrick Adore
13 Gladion Adore Rodrick
Runner-Up: Adore Delano (1 Jury Vote)
Winner: Gladion (8 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Canberra

Big Brother 13: Couples' ClashEdit


Big Brother 14Edit


Big Brother 15Edit

Week No. HoH Winner MVP Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 St. Vincent Danny Meghan Pet Rat Meghan Meghan
Pet Rat Manky
Gazorpazorpfield Gazorpazorpfield
2 Mrs. Robinson Anthony James Manky James James
St. Vincent St. Vincent
Mr. Poopybutthole Mr. Poopybutthole
3 Karen Sandra Porygon2 Sandra Sean Pet Rat
Charlamagne Charlamagne
Pet Rat Pet Rat
4 Sandra America Mr. Poopybutthole Charlamagne Julia Julia
Karen Karen
Porygon2 Porygon2
5 Anthony America Mr. Poopybutthole Karen Mr. Poopybutthole Porygon2
Porygon2 Porygon2
Karen Charlamagne
Jury Phase Begins
6 Mr. Poopybutthole America Anthony Anthony Sandra Mrs. Robinson
Sean Sean
Mrs. Robinson Mrs. Robinson
FF Sean Charlamagne Manky Charlamagne Mr. Poopybutthole
Mr. Poopybutthole Mr. Poopybutthole
7 Gazorpazorpfield Charlamagne Gazorpazorpfield Charlamagne Danny
St. Vincent Danny
8 Manky Sean Anthony Sean Sean
Charlamagne Charlamagne
Dan Avidan Returns to the Game
9 Charlamagne Manky Charlamagne Manky Manky
Karen Karen
10 Danny St. Vincent Sandra St. Vincent Gazorpazorpfield
Sandra Gazorpazorpfield
FF Sandra St. Vincent Anthony Danny Danny
Karen Karen
11 Karen Sandra St. Vincent Sandra Charlamagne
Charlamagne Charlamagne
12 Sandra St. Vincent Anthony St. Vincent St. Vincent
Karen Karen
13 Sandra Anthony Karen
Runner-Up: Anthony! (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Sandra Diaz-Twine (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Mr. Poopybutthole

Big Brother 16: Fans vs. FavoritesEdit



Big Brother 17Edit

Editor's Note: The Toad's Big Brother series does not normally intersect with BeIoitvivor casts - however, this exception had to be made because of this TWISTOSTWIST. Therefore, the coaches in the photo below will be censored by Threeee people! because this isn't 2011 Wolduwiki

Week No. HoH Winner Coach's Comp Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Peekin' Zeke SLWB
[The Brother]
r Creepy Man r r
Risotto Risotto
2 Max Kerina
[Anne Marit]
Amelie Max Aly Lil Uzi
Lil Uzi Lil Uzi
3 Lorenzo Katie
Risotto Lorenzo Risotto Anne Marit
Anne Marit Anne Marit
4 Peekin' Zeke Alli
[Creepy Man]
Risotto Max Risotto Reset Button
Aly Aly
The Coaches Enter The Game
5 Amelie Max Amelie Max Aly
Aly Aly
6 Alli Kerina Amelie Peekin' Zeke Peekin' Zeke
Creepy Man Creepy Man
7 Claire Max Amelie Max Max
Katie Katie
Jury Phase Begins
FF Kerina Claire The Brother Claire Alli
Alli Alli
8 Katie Claire Claire Creepy Man Creepy Man
Kerina Kerina
9 Lorenzo Kerina Kerina Katie Risotto
Risotto Risotto
FF Amelie Claire Lorenzo Claire Claire
The Brother The Brother
10 Kerina Katie Lorenzo Katie Katie
Lorenzo The Brother
11 Lorenzo Amelie Lorenzo Amelie Kerina
Kerina Kerina
FF Lorenzo Amelie Amelie
The Brother
Runner-Up: The Brother (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Lorenzo Music (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Kerina

Big Brother 18Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Ronnie Shrimp Guy Viper Shrimp Guy Shrimp Guy
Viper Anneliese
2 Simone Viper Anneliese Viper Chucklissa
Chucklissa Chucklissa
3 Koops Noo-Noo Ronnie Noo-Noo Anneliese
Ronnie Anneliese
4 RDR Ronnie Viper Ronnie Ronnie
Hilda Hilda
5 Starry Night Ninja Brian Simone Ninja Brian Eboshi
Simone Eboshi
6 Hilda Molly Simone Molly RDR
Jury Phase Begins
FF Noo-Noo Hilda P&P Hilda Hilda
Koops Koops
7 Simone Viper Simone Viper Molly
Molly Molly
8 P&P Viper Viper Simone Simone
Ninja Brian Ninja Brian
9 Starry Night Noo-Noo Noo-Noo P&P P&P
Ninja Brian Ninja Brian
10 Viper Koops Koops Starry Night Ninja Brian
Ninja Brian Ninja Brian
11 Noo-Noo Starry Night Noo-Noo Starry Night Koops
Koops Koops
12 Starry Night Viper Noo-Noo
Runner-Up: Starry Night (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Viper (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Molly Rankin

Big Brother 19: Rockin' RivalsEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Aubry Yellow Man Arthur & Julia Katy Taylor
Poopybutthole Taylor
2 Cuphead Julia Twitter Julia Arthur
Arthur Arthur
3 Patrick Yellow Man Patrick Yellow Man Poopybutthole
Poopybutthole Poopybutthole
4 Scot Bella Aubry Bella Twitter
Twitter Twitter
5 Bella The Devil Aubry The Devil The Devil
Cuphead Cuphead
6 Julia Cuphead Lauren Cuphead Patrick
Patrick Patrick
Jury Phase Begins
Patrick Returns
7 Cuphead Julia Bella Julia Julia
Bella Katy
8 Yellow Man Patrick Scot Patrick Aubry
Aubry Aubry
FF Cuphead Bella Scot Bella Katy
Katy Katy
9 Lauren Scot Cuphead Scot Patrick
Patrick Patrick
10 Scot Lauren Yellow Man Lauren Lauren
Yellow Man Bella
11 Yellow Man Scot Cuphead Scot Bella
Cuphead Bella
12 Yellow Man Scot Scot
Runner-Up: Small Yellow Man (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Cuphead (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Julia

Big Brother 20: Second ChancesEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations BotB Winners PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
Simone Nguyen, Canberra, & Noo-Noo Join Team America
1 Arthur & Julia Nick Nick Noo-Noo Queen Bean Queen Bean
Canberra Noo-Noo Reviewbrah Anneliese
2 Guzma Canberra Canberra Canberra Robyn Robyn
Arthur & Julia
Noo-Noo Robyn Arthur & Julia Hilda
3 Arin Canberra Canberra Noo-Noo Lorde Guzma
Arthur & Julia
Simone Lorde Arthur & Julia Guzma
4 Noo-Noo Anneliese Anneliese Hilda Simone Noo-Noo
Arin Simone Canberra Noo-Noo
Mr. G&W
5 Anneliese Arthur & Julia Arin Arthur & Julia Canberra Canberra
Mr. G&W
Canberra Arin Hilda Mr. G&W
Jury Phase Begins
6 Arin Simone Simone Lorde Arthur & Julia Arin
Mr. G&W Arthur & Julia Hilda Arin
FF Anneliese Arthur & Julia Arthur & Julia Mr. G&W Hilda
Hilda Hilda
7 Nick Mr. G&W Arthur & Julia Slippery Slappers Mr. G&W Simone
Simone Arthur & Julia Lorde Simone
8 Reviewbrah Mr. G&W Mr. G&W Mr. G&W Reviewbrah Arthur & Julia
Lorde Nick Anneliese Arthur & Julia
Arthur & Julia
Arin Hanson Returns
9 Mr. G&W Anneliese Arin Anneliese Anneliese
Arin Nick
10 Arin Lorde Reviewbrah Lorde Lorde
Reviewbrah Slippery
FF Nick Mr. G&W Arin Mr. G&W Mr. G&W
Arin Anthony
11 Reviewbrah Nick Arin Nick Reset Button
Arin Anthony
Arin Reviewbrah Arin Reviewbrah Nick
Nick Nick
12 Reviewbrah Arin Slippery Slappers Arin Arin
Anthony Anthony
FF Reviewbrah Anthony Slippery Slappers
Runner-Up: Anthony! (0 Jury Votes)
Winner: TheReportOfTheWeek (9 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Mr. Game and Watch

Big Brother 21Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Tyler Samus Mara Roark Roark
Cala Maria Cala Maria
2 Andy Mary-Ann Mary-Ann Samus Samus
Cala Maria Cala Maria
3 Pickle Reeeee Mara Andy Mara Little Kanye
Tyler Little Kanye
4 Melinda Sequester Mother Superior Sequester Sequester
Mother Superior Mara
5 Pauline Mother Superior Mother Superior Mary-Ann Tyler
Tyler Tyler
Jury Phase Begins
6 Grendel Mother Superior Andy Melinda Melinda
Pickle Reeeee Pickle Reeeee
FF Mary-Ann Pauline Andy Pauline Mother Superior
Andy Mother Superior
7 Mara Pickle Reeeee Andy Pickle Reeeee Mary-Ann
Mary-Ann Mary-Ann
8 Cala Maria Pauline Pauline Mara Mara
Andy Andy
9 Grendel Cala Maria Pickle Reeeee Cala Maria Andy
Pickle Reeeee Andy
10 Pickle Reeeee Grendel Pauline Grendel Cala Maria
Pauline Cala Maria
FF Grendel Pauline Pickle Reeeee
Pickle Reeeee
Runner-Up: Grendel (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Pauline (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Andy Sturmer

Big Brother 22Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Regina Werner Werner Mollusque-Lanceur Rodney
Rodney Rodney
2 Ms. Nogard Sasha Jirard Sasha Sasha
Phasma Phasma
3 Regina Mollusque-Lanceur Werner Mollusque-Lanceur Jirard
Werner Jirard
4 Phasma Ms. Nogard Phasma Ms. Nogard Eva
Eva Eva
5 Mollusque-Lanceur Werner Mollusque-Lanceur Japeth Regina
Regina Regina
Jury Phase Begins
6 Mother Mae-Eye Gibby Mollusque-Lanceur Gibby Gibby
Kass Matt
FF Phasma Ms. Nogard Ms. Nogard Matt Japeth
Japeth Japeth
7 Mollusque-Lanceur Werner Matt Werner Werner
Ms. Nogard Ms. Nogard
8 Mother Mae-Eye Kass Mollusque-Lanceur Kass Matt
Matt Matt
9 Phasma Mollusque-Lanceur Mother Mae-Eye Mollusque-Lanceur Ms. Nogard
Ms. Nogard Ms. Nogard
10 Kass Phasma Mother Mae-Eye Phasma Mollusque-Lanceur
Mother Mae-Eye Mollusque-Lanceur


Kass Kass
Mother Mae-Eye
Runner-Up: Mother Mae-Eye (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Captain Phasma (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Kassandra McQuillen

Big Brother 23: Clash of the CliquesEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
Catbus Wins Competition; Garfielf Enters Game
1 Garfielf Milford Sammy Milford MattyB
MattyB MattyB
2 Matt B. Milford Sammy Milford Garfielf
Sammy Garfielf
3 Milford Mattie Mme. Broode Mattie Mattie
Matt B. Matt B.
Sammy Wins The Coup d'Etat
4 Mme. Broode Mr. Creosote Mme. Broode Sammy
Catbus Catbus
Sammy Uses The Coup d'Etat On Himself/Catbus
Matt B. Matt B.
Mr. Creosote
Jury Phase Begins
5 Catbus Mme. Broode Catbus Mme. Broode Mme. Broode
Mrs. Norris Ankha
6 Marcel Milford Ankha Milford Catbus
Catbus Catbus
FF Mrs. Norris Marcel Sammy Marcel Marcel
Denise Mr. Creosote
7 Milford Denise Mr. Creosote Denise Mrs. Norris
Mrs. Norris Mrs. Norris
8 Mr. Creosote Denise Milford Denise Denise
Sammy Sammy
9 Milford Ankha Sammy Ankha Mr. Creosote
Sammy Mr. Creosote
10 Ankha Milford Milford
Runner-Up: Ankha (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Sammy the Dead Rat (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Denise Martin

Big Brother 24Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Capt. Syrup Young Thug Little Dipper Young Thug Young Thug
King Dice Somvilay
2 Cara Maria Cuca Cara Maria Cuca Cuca
Burl Little Dipper
3 Capt. Syrup Somvilay JP Somvilay Cara Maria
Cara Maria Cara Maria
Jury Phase Begins
4 Kym Turid Turid King Dice King Dice
5 Turid Somvilay Capt. Syrup Somvilay Kym
Kym Kym
6 Little Dipper Capt. Syrup JP Capt. Syrup Capt. Syrup
JP Turid
7 JP Little Dipper Turid Little Dipper Burl
Burl Burl
8 Somvilay Little Dipper JP Little Dipper Turid
Turid Turid
9 Little Dipper JP Motherboard JP JP
Motherboard Somvilay
10 Little Dipper Somvilay Motherboard
Runner-Up: Somvilay Xayaphone (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Little Dipper (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Captain Syrup

Big Brother 25Edit

Week No. HoH Winner MVP Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Scroopy Cagney John Ghetsis John Sabrina
Sabrina Sabrina
Cookatiel Cookatiel
2 Yarna Marit Cab Yarna Cab Cab
Gordon Gordon
Cookatiel Cookatiel
3 Mary Cookatiel Gordon Marit Gordon Zeke
Zeke Zeke
Marit Cagney
4 Gordon America Mary John Mary Yarna
Yarna Yarna
Victoria Victoria
5 Ghetsis America Marit Mary Marit Marit
Miss Mush Miss Mush
Dry Lanky Dry Lanky
Jury Phase Begins
6 Scroopy America Candywife Candywife Ghetsis John
John John
Victoria Victoria
FF Cagney Victoria Scroopy Victoria Cookatiel
Cookatiel Cookatiel
7 Gordon Candywife Ghetsis Candywife Candywife
Mary Mary
8 Cagney Victoria Cagney Victoria Gordon
Ghetsis Gordon
John Lithgow Returns to the Game
9 Ghetsis Miss Mush Victoria Miss Mush Scroopy
Scroopy Scroopy
10 Mary Dry Lanky Cagney Dry Lanky John
John John
FF Dry Lanky Ghetsis Mary Ghetsis Ghetsis
Miss Mush Miss Mush
11 Mary Cagney Dry Lanky Cagney Cagney
Dry Lanky Victoria
12 Dry Lanky Miss Mush Mary Miss Mush Victoria
Mary Victoria
13 Dry Lanky Miss Mush Miss Mush
Runner-Up: Dry Lanky (1 Jury Vote)
Winner: Mary Moo Cow (8 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Gordon Crisp

Big Brother 26: Family TiesEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Wally Jr. Bernice Zeniba Bernice Raven
Yubaba Raven
2 Natalie Wally Nadiya Zeniba Wally Jr.
Wally Jr. Wally Jr.
3 Wally Nadiya Natalie Grendel Grendel
Guppy Guppy
4 Nadiya Yubaba Nadiya Yubaba Zeniba
Zeniba Zeniba
5 Wally Nadiya Wally Nadiya Nadiya
Trigon Natalie
Raven Returns
6 Guppy Raven Trigon Natalie Wally
Wally Wally
Jury Phase Begins
FF Trigon Guppy Gibby Bernice Natalie
Natalie Natalie
7 Raven Gibby Gibby Guppy Guppy
Yubaba Yubaba
8 Trigon Gibby Trigon Gibby Gibby
Grendel's Mom Bernice
FF Grendel's Mom Esiquiel Raven Esiquiel Yubaba
Trigon Yubaba
9 Trigon Grendel's Mom Esiquiel Grendel's Mom Raven
Bernice Raven
10 Esiquiel Grendel's Mom Grendel's Mom Bernice Trigon
Trigon Trigon
FF Bernice Esiquiel Grendel's Mom
Grendel's Mom
Runner-Up: Bernice Butcher (1 Jury Vote)
Winner: Esiquiel Butcher (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Gibby Gibson

Big Brother 27Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Miror B. Edgar Miror B. Edgar Edgar
Sally Glydon
2 Kirbina Scarce BBBC Pizza the Hutt Kerri
Kerri Kerri
The Public Votes Courtney Marit Into The Game
3 Phoebe Anne Maria Pizza the Hutt Anne Maria Kirbina
Pizza the Hutt Kirbina
4 Anila Miror B. Anne Maria Miror B. Linda
Linda Linda
5 Canada Anne Maria BBBC Anne Maria Julian
Julian Julian
Anne Maria Finds The Hidden Power Of Veto
6 Pizza the Hutt Phoebe Miror B. Phoebe
Anne Maria Anne Maria
Anne Maria Uses The Hidden Power Of Veto
Phoebe Phoebe
Jury Phase Begins
FF BBBC Anne Maria Scarce Courtney Glydon
Glydon Glydon
7 Pizza the Hutt Anne Maria Sally Anne Maria Scarce
Scarce Scarce
FF Sally Courtney Miror B.
Miror B.
8 Anila Pizza the Hutt BBBC Pizza the Hutt Pizza the Hutt
Sally Anne Maria
9 Anne Maria BBBC Sally BBBC BBBC
Anila Anila
10 Courtney Sally Courtney Sally Anne Maria
Anne Maria Anne Maria
FF Courtney Sally Sally
Runner-Up: Anila Mirza (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Courtney Marit (4 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Pizza the Hutt

Big Brother 28Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Roadkill Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
Team The Sea: Anne Marit, Turd, Virginia, Djimmi
Team Demon Kitty: Marianne, Tish, Waldo, Friga
Team Amsterdam: Solveig, Ross, Kyle, Mr. Goldenfold
Team Superior: Turid, Shane, Welderberg, Zero Suit Samus
(Team Superior)
Goldenfold Anne Marit Kyle Anne Marit Ross
Kyle Ross
Solveig Solveig
2 Tish
(Team Demon Kitty)
Goldenfold Goldenfold Tish Kyle Kyle
Welderberg Welderberg
Turd Turd
3 Anne Marit
(Team The Sea)
Solveig Welderberg Marianne Welderberg Tish
Friga Waldo
Tish Tish
4 Welderberg
(Team Superior)
Friga Djimmi Djimmi Turd Goldenfold
Goldenfold Goldenfold
Anne Marit Anne Marit
Battle Back Competition: Tish Simmonds Returns
5 Turd Welderberg Anne Marit Welderberg Tish
Anne Marit Tish
Jury Phase Begins
6 America's Care Package #1: Djimmi Receives The Never Not Pass
Anne Marit Welderberg Anne Marit Welderberg Welderberg
Turd Turd
7 America's Care Package #2: Turid Receives The Power To Eliminate Two Eviction Votes
Waldo Anne Marit Solveig Anne Marit Anne Marit
Turd Djimmi
FF Marianne Djimmi Shane Djimmi Waldo
Waldo Waldo
8 America's Care Package #3: Marianne Receives Super Safety
Shane Turid Djimmi Turd Turd
Solveig Solveig
9 America's Care Package #4: Virginia Receives Co-HOH
Friga Djimmi Turid Djimmi Marianne
Virginia Marianne Marianne
Anne Marit Bergheim Returns to the Game
10 America's Care Package #5: Solveig Receives the BB Bribe
Shane Solveig Solveig Djimmi Anne Marit
Anne Marit Anne Marit
11 Turid Shane Virginia Shane Djimmi
Solveig Djimmi
FF Solveig Friga Friga Shane Turid
Turid Turid
12 Shane Friga Friga Virginia Solveig
Solveig Solveig
FF Shane Virginia Friga
Runner-Up: Virginia Clemm (1 Jury Votes)
Winner: Shane Powers (8 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Anne Marit Bergheim

Big Brother 29: Second Chances IIEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Werner Regina Ninja Brian Regina Andy
Ninja Brian Andy
2 MC Bin Laden Ninja Brian Friga Ninja Brian Ninja Brian
Friga Danny
3 Lauren Marit Dinah Marit Werner
Werner Werner
4 Cala Maria Mme. Broode Marit Mme. Broode Friga
Friga Friga
5 Pickle Reeeee Welderberg Mme. Broode Welderberg Welderberg
Anne Maria Anne Maria
6 MC Bin Laden Ghetsis Lauren Ghetsis Ghetsis
Danny Danny
7 Pickle Reeeee Anne Maria Pickle Reeeee Anne Maria Anne Maria
Marit MC Bin Laden
Jury Phase Begins
8 Dinah Mme. Broode Zeke Mme. Broode Danny
Zeke Danny
9 Regina Lauren Cara Maria Lauren Cala Maria
Zeke Cala Maria
FF Zeke Regina Regina Mme. Broode Dinah
Dinah Dinah
10 Regina Zeke Zeke Pickle Reeeee Lauren
Lauren Lauren
11 Cara Maria Pickle Reeeee Mme. Broode Pickle Reeeee MC Bin Laden
MC Bin Laden MC Bin Laden
FF Regina Zeke Marit Zeke Zeke
Mme. Broode Mme. Broode
12 Mme. Broode Regina Mme. Broode Cara Maria Marit
Marit Marit
13 Pickle Reeeee Cara Maria Mme. Broode Cara Maria Regina
Regina Regina
FF Pickle Reeeee Cara Maria Cara Maria
Mme. Broode
Runner-Up: Madame Broode (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Pickle Reeeee (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: MC Bin Laden

Big Brother 30Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Lanky Steve Lanky Steve Emmy
Emmy Emmy
2 Jasmine Deid Joe Deid Deid
Joe Jerzy Stacks
3 Lanky BVBB Dick Marina Marina
Steve Steve
4 Amanda Iggy Iggy Marit Lage Steve
Steve Steve
5 Spoiled Rotten Joe Joe Dick BVBB
6 Jerzy Stacks Marit Lage Jerzy Stacks Marit Lage Jasmine
Jasmine Jasmine
Jury Phase Begins
FF Spoiled Rotten Joe Dick Joe Joe
Dick Iggy
7 Lanky Jerzy Stacks Spuckler Jerzy Stacks Dick
Marit Lage Dick
8 Spoiled Rotten Iggy Jerzy Stacks Iggy Amanda
Spuckler Amanda
9 Jerzy Stacks Marit Lage Jerzy Stacks Marit Lage Iggy
Lanky Iggy
10 Spoiled Rotten Spuckler Marit Lage Spuckler Lanky
Lanky Lanky
11 Spuckler Marit Lage Jerzy Stacks Marit Lage Marit Lage
Spoiled Rotten Spoiled Rotten
FF Jerzy Stacks Spuckler Spoiled Rotten
Spoiled Rotten
Runner-Up: Spuckler Boach (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: Jerzy Stacks (5 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Joe Mena

Big Brother 31Edit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 Sam Tex Rose Zeke Bergmite
Bergmite Bergmite
2 Tex Rose Rose Cammy Cammy
Mr. Bruce Mr. Bruce
3 Zeke Rose Zeke Sam Sam
Tex Tex
4 Bea Zeke Izzy Zeke Zeke
Rose Rose
Jury Phase Begins
5 Denise Rose Mr. Bruce Rose Rose
Tex Bea
6 Tex Bebe Lobster Bebe Denise
Bea Denise
7 Bebe Mr. Bruce Mr. Bruce Tex Tex
Lobster Lobster
8 Izzy Bea Bea Mr. Bruce Mr. Bruce
Lobster Lobster
FF Bebe Izzy Bebe Izzy Izzy
Lobster Bea
9 Bea Lobster Bebe Lobster Lobster
Bebe J.K.
10 Max Bebe Bea Bebe Bebe
Bea J.K.
FF J.K. Bea Bea
Runner-Up: Max Rebo (2 Jury Votes)
Winner: J.K. Simmons (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Stuffed Lobster

Big Brother 32: Superstar ShowdownEdit

Week No. HoH Winner Nominations PoV Winner Nominations Evicted
1 VITAS Courtney Gladion Courtney Reviewbrah
Reviewbrah Reviewbrah
2 MC Carol Pauline Pauline Courtney Mr. Creosote
Mr. Creosote Mr. Creosote
3 Cagney Cara Maria Cagney Cara Maria Cara Maria
Pauline Pauline
4 Cala Maria Courtney Cala Maria Courtney St. Vincent
St. Vincent St. Vincent
5 Anne Marit Shane Marianne Shane Pauline
Pauline Pauline
6 Courtney Cala Maria Zeke N Bernice Cala Maria Cala Maria
MC Carol Marianne
7 Dihydroxyacetone Marianne Lorde MC Carol Zeke N Bernice
Zeke N Bernice Zeke N Bernice
8 Gladion Shulk Marina Shulk Shulk
Marina MC Carol
9 Courtney Marianne Mollusque-Lanceur Marianne MC Carol
MC Carol MC Carol
Jury Phase Begins
10 VITAS Courtney Marina Courtney Cagney
Cagney Cagney
11 Marianne Dihydroxyacetone Lorde Dihydroxyacetone Dihydroxyacetone
Courtney Courtney
Marianne Marianne
12 Marina Mollusque-Lanceur Courtney Mollusque-Lanceur Gladion
Gladion Gladion
13 Lorde Mollusque-Lanceur Anne Marit Mollusque-Lanceur Mollusque-Lanceur
Courtney Courtney
FF Anne Marit Shane Lorde Shane Marina
Lorde Marina
14 Lorde Courtney Lorde Courtney Anne Marit
Anne Marit Anne Marit
15 Marianne Courtney Marianne Courtney Lorde
Lorde Lorde
FF Shane Courtney Marianne
Runner-Up: Shane Powers (3 Jury Votes)
Winner: Courtney Marit (6 Jury Votes)
America's Favorite: Gladion