Elimination OrderEdit

Participant Team Status Placing Merge
Female Borewhore Mutant Maggots 1st Voted-Off 13th Place Non-Merged
Male Borewhore Mutant Maggots 2nd Voted-Off 12th Place
That Redneck Dude Radioactive Rats 3rd Voted-Off 11th Place
Steve Urkel Mutant Maggots 4th Voted-Off 10th Place
Beverly Peejayripoff Radioactive Rats 5th Voted-Off 9th Place
Paris Hilton Radioactive Rats 6th Voted-Off 8th Place
Snooki Mutant Maggots Evacuated 7th Place
Sue Sylvester Mutant Maggots 7th Voted-Off 6th Place Merged
Seth Rogen Radioactive Rats 8th Voted-Off 5th Place
Tyrone Savage Radioactive Rats 9th Voted-Off 4th Place
Luna Lovegood Radioactive Rats 10th Voted-Off 3rd Place
Brick McArthur Mutant Maggots Runner-Up
STACI F.IERCE G.ODDESS Radioactive Rats Winner

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