22 teens were trapped on a summer camp with no way off other than being eliminated. They moved on to an abandoned film lot, and then a trip around the world. What's next? That's right! Holiday-themed challenges back to Camp Wawanakwa! The producers have ways of making the weather change for...say..Christmas snow. 14 teens have been chosen for season 4................................Total..............................DRAMA.................................HOLIIIDAAAAYS!!!

by jaxswim
















Episode 1: Back To Camp Part 1Edit

Chris: Season 4! We’re coming at you from Camp Wawanakwa for it! 14 campers you know and love will be competing here at Total Drama Holidays! First, we have the arrival that needs to happen. So, I’ll go ahead and welcome Eva to the island!

Eva: I will win this time around. *puts her face in the camera* HEAR ME?!!

Chris: Riiiight….well, looks like Bridgette is also here!

Eva: Her?

Bridgette: Her? *pointing with a scared look on her face*

Chris: Yup, and yup. Next up is…Cody!

Cody: *looks at the two girls* So is Zeke coming?

Chris: Later, yes.

Bridgette: *groans*

Chris: Well, next up is Tyler!

Tyler: All right! *attempts to do a flip off the boat into a cartwheel, but miserably fails*

Chris: …right. Next up is…

Noah: So we got fail sporto,

Tyler: Hey!

Noah: Psycho superwoman,

Eva: *growls*

Noah: Clumsy surfer chick,

Bridgette: *gasps*

Noah: And Ladies man who I somehow always end up doing something romantic while we’re asleep.

Cody: I think that came out wrong.

Chris: Well, next is Lindsay.

Tyler: *fist pumps*

Lindsay: Why does this place seem so familiar?

Chris: We were here first season.

Lindsay: First season of what?

Chris: ….never mind.

Lindsay: So it’s Cole, Ehva, Noah*points to Tyler*, Bridgey, and…*looking at Noah*I’m sorry ,w hat’s your name again?

Noah: Noah.

Lindsay: Two Noahs? That’s really confusing.

Chris: Next up is Gwen!

Gwen: Cr-Ap! Back at Camp Wawanakwa?

Chris: You know it! Next to arrive is Trent!

Gwen: Crap crap crap!

Trent: *looks at Gwen sadly* Hey chris.

Chris: Heyyy. Well, next is Heather.

Heather: …No new people?

Chris: Alejandro is still here.

Heather: *groans with a hidden smile*

Chris: Anyway, next to arrive is Zeke!

Ezekiel: Yo yo yo peeps!

Chris: Hurry along, Zeke. Next contestant is Harold!

Harold: Ah yes! Maybe I can finally show my skills this season!

Chris: And Alejandro.

Alejandro: I---

Chris: Time constraints! Next is Izzy!

Izzy: HAHAHAHA! I will finally get in contact with Explosivo again, we will continue our mission!

Chris: Right…and now LeShawna!

LeShawna: What’s up ya—

Chris: TIME CONSTRAINTS! Okay, meet me by the campfire to be split into teams!

Chris: okay, the following people stand on my far right: Eva, Bridgette, Trent, Gwen, Tyler, and Lindsay. You guys are officially the killer presents! The rest stand on my far left: Cody, Heather, LeShawna, Harold, Alejandro, Noah, and Zeke. You guys are the Screaming Celebrations! So go get ready for your first challenge, it will be a fun one!

Heather: Fun for us, or fun for you?

Chris: What do you think? Tune in and find out next time on Total! Drama! HOLIDAAAAAAYS!

Episode 1: Back To Camp Part 2Edit

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Holidays! The cast just arrived and were placed onto teams. This is what the teams were: Alejandro, Cody, Ezekiel, Heather, LeShawna, Noah, and Harold on the Screaming Celebrations, and Eva, Bridgette, Trent, Gwen, Tyler, Lindsay, and Izzy on the Killer Presents. Only Drama can ensue on Total….Drama…HOLIDAAAAAAYS!

Chris: Alright, so now before I announce the first challenge, I am giving you a reminder that you can use the bathroom confessional whenever. So go ahead before I do announce the challenge.

Gwen: Trent’s back? Really? I’m surprised Chris didn’t bring Duncan back though, if all he wants is drama.

Lindsay: *is looking at the wall* Why the heck would anybody make a bathroom wall with stuff written on it? And where’s the camera?

Izzy: *you can only see Izzy’s chest down to her legs*Day 1. I am searching, but am yet to find Explosivo. The days are long without Big O. I plan to hunt Explosivo down in the night through the forest.

Chris: Okay, well I am glad to announce that today’s challenge is based off New Years! The first challenge? Race to your cabins and find fireworks! When you get them, return back to me.Killer Presents, you guys are grabbing yours from the boys cabin, so opposite with the Screaming Celebrations! Go!

The challenge started with Alejandro and Eva racing in front of their teams, as they were in front of the team. They didn’t realize until they were at the cabins that they couldn’t get into the cabin because they were of opposite gender of the cabin they needed.

Alejandro: *to Eva* I will get yours for you, fair maiden!

Alejandro got Eva’s fireworks and tossed them to her, and Eva sprinted back to her team.

Eva: *at her team* c’mon! Alejandro gave me the fireworks!

LeShawna: He did what now?!

Ezekiel: At least it means I’m not getting the boot, eh?

Cody: I suggest you*gasp* shut up before you *gasp*say something that gets you the boot.

Ezekiel: Right, eh.

The Screaming Celebrations finally arrived at their destination, and Heather grabbed the fireworks.

Heather: Come on people! We’re losing, let’s GO!

The Screaming Celebrations got back to Chris too late, the Killer Presents had already won the challenge.

Chris: Time for ze second challenge! The one that decides who goes to elimination tonight! That means the Killer Presents get an advantage! The second challenge means you now have to shoot all twenty fireworks into the air, arranging in your team symbol! After that, you have to lower the ball over there, for Happy New Years! The Killer Presents have their ball already half-way lowered. This helps because you have to do lots of manual labor to lower your ball! Okay, GO!

The Screaming Celebrations arranged their fireworks very quickly, while the Killer Presents were busy yelling at each other.

Eva: This one has to go here.

Bridgette: No, it should go HERE.

Eva: Why should I trust you?

Lindsay: I think it should go here.

All: NO!

In the end, the screaming celebrations finished first and started pulling their ball like crazy. They won before the Killer Presents had even shot their fireworks.

Chris: Alright, Screaming Celebrations win! Killer Presents, I’ll see you at the campfire tonight!

  • at the campfire*

Chris: You have all cast your votes and made your decision. The following people will get a frozen turkey dinner: Trent, Gwen, Eva, Izzy, and Tyler. Lindsay , Bridgette, one of you is going home tonight. The one who does not receive a frozen turkey dinner will walk the walk of shame and board the boat of losers, filled with annoying in-laws! The final turkey dinner goes to……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..


Bridgette: Why me?

Eva: Because I hate you! And Eva gets what she wants, when she wants it!

Bridgette: But…ohhhh!

Tyler: Sorry Bridge, but everybody's gotta go sometime, y'know? You started the arguments with Eva, and quite frankly we did not want to vote off Eva. We're giving her a chance this time around. So, bye!

Thanks be Giving to Everyone!Edit

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Holidays! Last time sparks flew, literally, people were winded, and Bridgette got the boot because Eva decided to play hard this time around! Who’s gonna get the boot this time? Check out the most…giving episode yet on Total! Drama! HOLIDAAAAAAYS

  • later*

Chris(megaphoned): Wake up! We got a long and thankful day to get to today! Up and at ‘em!

LeShawna: Augh! Does he really have to do that?

Gwen: What does he mean by “Thankful”?

Heather: Whaddya think? Holiday season, Thankful episode, it’s probably a Thanksgiving challenge!

  • in the boys cabin*

Trent: I wonder what today’s gonna be…

Noah: My guess? Either painful, humiliating, or excruciatingly both.

Tyler: I hope it’s thumb wrestling! Wicked strong fingers, remember?

Cody: What holiday has thumb wrestling?

Tyler: Y’know…uh…Thumb…ing…day?

Noah: Yeah, and Lindsay will know her way to the bathroom when that becomes a real holiday.

Alejandro: I’m…not sure what my strategic options are this season. Noah is obviously onto me after last season, Cody…well, the finale didn’t turn out well. Heather is too tricky, LeShawna knows, Harold knows too, and Zeke…*evil grin* should be perfect.

Chris: Guess what today’s challenges are?

Lindsay: My birthday?

Chris: uhhhhh…no. Next?

Heather: Thanksgiving! Obviously. I mean, duh. Thankful? What else could it be?

Chris: Correct! Your first challenge? Tell your fellow campers what competitor you are thankful about, and why. Best answer wins! First up is Tyler!

Tyler: I guess I’d have to say Linds, since she’s so pretty!

Chris: Okay…uh…next is Noah!

Noah:Um…Zeke, I guess? For not being a zombie anymore?

Chris: uh…good enough. Zeke?

Ezekiel: Uh…well…huh…there’s…

  • Alejandro whispers something into Ezekiel’s ear*

Ezekiel: Alehhhandro because he’s such a great teammate and friend!

Chris: I…guess? Alejandro?

Alejandro: Ezekiel for thanking me.

Chris: Too cheesy. But fine. Izzy?

Izzy: Big O! He’s like a great boyfriend , and oh oh oh! Did you know that when you eat paper, trees can grow in your stomach?

Chris: Owen isn’t in the game, but okay…Heather!

Heather: Uh…you…know…err…Ch---ef?

Chris: And why?

Heather: Because…he…cooks such great food?

Chris: Mm-hmm. And right you are, just not with you people! Lindsay?

Lindsay: Huh?

Chris: The challenge?

Lindsay: Hmm? Oh! Maybe…Taylie!

Chris: You mean Tyler?

Lindsay: Okay, this challenge is way too confusing!

Chris: Gwen?

Gwen: I’d have to say…Trent! Because he’s being so cool about the Duncan thing!

Trent: I wouldn’t have to “be cool” about it if you wouldn’t have gone and kissed that jerk!

Gwen: He’s not a jerk! He’s an awesome dude that cares for me without going totally loco!

Trent: Then why aren’t you giving thanks to him?

Gwen: Maybe I will!

Chris: Hmm…Trent?

Trent: I guess….Courtney, for feeling the same pain I do!

Chris: Harold?

Harold: I’d like to give thanks to LeShawna for being such an awesome—

LeShawna: Friend. An awesome friend.

Chris: Okay…LeShawna.

LeShawna: Ditto to Harold.

Chris: Uh…Cody?

Cody: Gwen for being so cool! And hot!

Gwen: I'm gonna pretend that's not creepy...

Chris: Mm-hmm. Eva?

Eva: Noah. I guess.

Chris: And why?

Eva: Eva is not going to tell why if Chris wants to survive.

Chris: Eh….got it! That’s everyone! And the winner is…Gwen! For creating a dramatic scene with one sentence. The Killer Presents win this challenge! And The Screaming Celebrations will be seeing me at the campfire tonight.

  • Later*

Chris: You have all cast your votes and made your decision. The only person without a turkey dinner will have to take the boat of losers away from here! The turkey dinners go to…Ezekiel, Cody, Noah, Alejandro and Heather! It’s either LeShawna or Harold getting the boot…but which one? I dunno, but it isn’t LeShawna!

Harold: What? You guys voted me off?

Heather: Everyone was a competitor…and you were simply a lagger. A piece of skin that just kinda hangs off.

LeShawna: Don’t you talk to my Harol’ that way!

Chris: Okay, before this gets violent, who will get the boot? Who will end up covered in soot? *wink* Find out next time on Total! Drama! Holidays!


Coming Real Soon!

Elimination TableEdit

Total Drama Holidays Elimination Table
Place Contestant 1 2 3
TBA Alejandro IN WIN IN
13th Harold IN WIN OUT
14th Bridgette IN OUT


     WIN: Contestant was on the winning team in this chapter. (Chapters 2 - TBA)

     IN: Contestant was safe at the elimination ceremony. (Chapters 2 - TBA)

     LOW: Contestant received the last frozen turkey dinner. {Chapters 2 - TBA)

     OUT: Contestant was voted off in this chapter. (Chapters 2 - TBA}


  • Izzy was never put on a team in Back to Camp, Part 1


  • Gwen was the first contestant to use the confessional this season
  • Bridgette has never used a confessional in TDH
  • Alejandro is continuing his antagonistic ways from TDWT.
  • Harold and Bridgette never received a frozen turkey dinner.

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