This just holds the Returnees for the TWISTOSTWIST

Part OneEdit

CK's first returneeEdit

TDAS Courtney because she was mad robbed

Gwentney plot <3

Mr. E's first returneeEdit

TDA Harold (sorry CK) because he was AWFULLY AND EGREGIOUSLY ROBBED

Toad's first returneeEdit

I'll bring back TDA Izzy because it's Izzy and I love her

Dyna's first returneeEdit

TDWT Sierra because that was a mistake to cut her tbh

Matt's first returneeEdit

Topher because he is life.

Duke's first returneeEdit

TDWT Leshawna. 

Jax's first returneeEdit

Sugar (TDPI obviously). /lynched

Epic's first returneeEdit

Being predictable and bringing back TDA B(a)eth

OHF's first returneeEdit

Greeting, citizens of the universe! I am Dawn.

Bruno's first returneeEdit


Part TwoEdit


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