Total Drama Ridiculousness is the second season in my B series.
There are twenty-four characters competing for $1,000,000,000,000,000. There is not an even amount of the two genders.


The Fighting TurdsEdit

  • Pwip, the Bratty Kid
  • Jeremy, the 1-Year-Old With Issues
  • Stone, the Stereotypical Canadian
  • No-Name, the Kid With No Name
  • Neddy, the Hot Calm Dude
  • Fainting Poker Buddy, the Fainting Poker Buddy
  • Will, the Hyper Kid
  • Steven, the Cheese-Obsessed
  • Calvin, the Inappropriate Kid
  • Beana, the Obnoxious Midget
  • Lito, the Cool Counselor
  • Mattie, the Hot Counselor

Cagney and FriendsEdit

  • Cagney, the 1920's Mobster
  • Joe, the Buff Hooga-Hooga
  • Jixx, the Hot Hooga-Hooga
  • Mo, the Hyper Hooga-Hooga
  • Jarl, the Lazy Hooga-Hooga
  • Tibblum, the Baby Hooga-Hooga
  • Reuben, the Talking Sandwich
  • 9th Boss, the Laidback Dragon
  • Squinky, the Strong Guy
  • Blinky, the Cocky Guy
  • Charles, the Wimp
  • Alfred, the Troll


  • Pwip, Jeremy, Stone, No-Name, Neddy, FPB, and Beana are all from the Pwip series.
  • The others are from the WolduWarriors series.