Episode One: "Something Just Isn't Right With Her"Edit

Episode Two: "I Got This in the Bag"Edit

Episode Three: "I'm... So... Annoyed!"Edit

Episode Four: "This is Gonna be Fun"Edit

Episode Five: "This Little Brat Has to Go"Edit

Episode Six: "This is a Make or Break Moment For Us"Edit

Episode Seven: "I Quit."Edit

Episode Eight: "It's Over, You Lost"Edit

Episode Nine: "Both of Us?"Edit

Episode Ten: "This Chick is a Freaking Psycho"Edit

Episode Eleven: "You've Had This Coming Since the Beginning!"Edit

Episode Twelve: "You Seem to be Mistaken"Edit

Episode Thirteen: "She's Makes Me Crazy"Edit

Episode Fourteen: "Fuck You"Edit

Episode Fifteen: "This Was My Last Stand"Edit

Episode Sixteen: "She's a Snake"Edit

Episode Seventeen: FinaleEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

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Edgic TableEdit


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