hilarity will ensue because this is total drama around my howse

welcome to total drama around my howse

james : wow !

sammy : james alliance

lisa : wow i want to be in !

sammy: ok i found a statue

time for your challenge in total drama around my howse

welcome to my bathroom give me a bath

(everybody goes EWWWW)

sammy : ok i will bath you

(everybody goes EWWWWW except for sammy who is cool)

sammy wins vote someone out

lisa : well what i say goes so i say vote out james

dora : why do i follow you

lisa : just kidding its dora now

ok dora is out time for your challenge two total drama around my howse

sammy : haha i farted this will weaken everyone in the gaem

(my brother wrote that)

challenge is to dance

lisa : i am a pro dancer lol!

lisa wins vote out

lisa : i have a statue time to vote out james

james : why

lisa : your smell offends me

sammy : hahahahaha it was i the evil sammy who farted and i framed james

james : oh ok its ok samy

lisa : ahhhhhh u got me

(audience says AWWWWWWW!)

popularity polls are in the winner of immunity is sammy

lisa : sammy take me to the finals

sammy : ok

joe: i exist to please u master

sammy : ok

joe u r out time for finale

sammy : i deserve to win over her because she is a dumb bimbo aka a blonde

lisa : that is rude you are a huge jerkface aka a alejandro

sammy : stop being a heather

lisa : that is very rude

sammy wins total drama around my howse yay!!!

(audience claps)

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