• Matt "Trey" Rainis, a former member who came out level-headed, morally sound, and moderately successful, with a family
  • Mr. E, a former member who served time in prison for something he wasn't responsible, and is trying to come clean but is often emotional; has a family who he neglects sometimes
  • Dyna, a former member who is addicted to heroin and relies on Trey and E for financial support; easily angered
  • Katie/SG, a former member and close friend of Dyna's who died of a heroin overdose

Episode 1Edit

Dyna and Matt are at Matt's apartment, where Dyna is angrily demanding money from Matt, who is convinced that Dyna will just use it on heroin. They argue for some time, and then E calls innocuously, but becomes worried when Dyna yells at him and comes over to Matt's apartment. Matt, Dyna and E argue, E wanting the group to get back together, Matt wanting Dyna to get clean or get out, and Dyna wanting money. Things are heated, but then Dyna insults E's family and E turns a gun on him. Matt tells E to put the gun down, and he eventually does. Dyna continues threatening Matt for money, eventually pointing a gun at his head, and E responds by pointing a gun at Dyna's head. Matt tells them both to put the guns down, and then reluctantly gives Dyna the money. Dyna walks out, and Matt and E lament over what's become of them.

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