Dog : Welcum to survivor, where cats go meow !

Meow : Cat

Cat : Meow

Dog : That pussy doe

(Everyine go EWWW)

Trish :Us horses prefer neeeeighsss

Danuell : ^^

Dog : Wash my pasw

(Every goes EWWW)

Cat : Nuuu, to scarce *cry*

(Mouse eats Dog)

Dog : That hurt ! I am dead ! Mouse you win immune .

Cat : Nuuu, vote off Horse, she uglyx !

Meow. ^^

Danuell ^^

(Everyone voted off Trish)

Trish : Idol ! *plays* >:D

(Drama very much no)

Dead Dog : I am stil dead ! But Cat is out ! Leave pls !

Cat : Sad ! Bye animuls

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