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Lady GagaEdit

The Fame
The Fame Monster
Born This Way

The Rankings:Edit

45. Born This Way - Meh. It's super derivative (listen to Express Yourself and you'll see what I mean) but honestly I can't deny it's catchiness.
46. Fashion! - The piano/vocals are nice and the chorus is fun, but it feels very simplistic and is rather uninteresting compared to a majority of ARTPOP.
47. Fashion of His Love - Without a doubt the most worthwhile of BTW's incredibly lacking bonus tracks.
48. Heavy Metal Lover - At this point the "dull and forgettable" write-ups are probably getting super old, but this track is another example of exactly that. I really do like the "I could be your girl, girl, girl / But would you love me if I ruled the world, world, world" but it definitely isn't enough to save it. The random Daft Punk-esque bit in the middle though.
49. Bloody Mary - The gritty screams and alternation between English, Spanish and French are pretty interesting I guess? IDK it's just super odd and kind of frightening at times. "We are not just art for Michelangelo to carve / He can't rewrite the agro of my furied heart." and pls @some of the lyrics
50. Black Jesus + Amen Fashion - Eh. This one is just super dull bonus fodder. There's something I really like about the third and fourth verses, but this song really just isn't anything special.
51. The Queen - One of the many "inspirational!!" tracks on Born This Way. Gaga has a lot of stupid songs, but this one has to take the cake and although the singing is actually decent, it's much too similar to Edge of Glory and really fades into the background.
52. ARTPOP - ARTPOP's title track is just.. super underwhelming. On top of being super pretentious, it's very slow, uninteresting and could/should be SO much more.
53. Do What U Want - And the second axe from ARTPOP. I personally don't think the inclusion of R. Kelly was a good idea. It just... doesn't work out very well and ends up being kind of dull/forgettable.
54. Retro, Dance, Freak - A disposable bonus track that's like the epitome of "meh".
55. I Like It Rough - I'm just going to steal Rolling Stone's little write-up because it's perfect. "Rough sex, timid beat"
56. Starstruck - A dabble into hip-hop featuring... Flo Rida. Gaga's voice is auto-tuned to all hell and as you've probably guessed, it's just a total disaster.
57. Jewels N' Drugs - Anybody who doesn't consider this her worst song is obviously smoking something. Gaga's passable hook is COMPLETELY destroyed by the three rappers stuffed into this awful mess that sticks out like a sore thumb. The two tracks above it aren't "good" by any means, but they DEFINITELY can't compare to this atrocity.

Marina & The DiamondsEdit


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