18th - 1dra7 (Reed) [Hunahpu] 4-4-1; 4-3
17th - Ben109 (Keith) [Hunahpu] 5-3
16th - BrunoSomebody (Natalie) [Hunahpu] 4-2-1
15th - Reddude (Drew) [Hunahpu] 3-2-1
14th - That Epic (Jeremy) [Hunahpu/Hunahpu] 3-3-2; 4-2
13th - Thebiggesttdifan (Dale) [Coyopa/Hunahpu] 4*2*; 4-2 (Ashley and CK use idols)
Merge: Huyopa tribe
12th - Rhonda the stalker fan (Val) [Coyopa/Hunahpu] {IMMUNE: Sunslicer2} 8-4
11th - Mister.. E. (Wes) [Coyopa/Coyopa] {IMMUNE: EnTrey} 7-4
10th - EnTrey (John) [Coyopa/Coyopa] {IMMUNE: Owenandheatherfan} 7-2-1
9th - Toadgamer80 (Alec) [Coyopa/Hunahpu] {IMMUNE: Owenandheatherfan} 6-3
8th - Avery FireFlame (Josh) [Coyopa/Coyopa] {IMMUNE: COKEMAN11} 7-1
7th - COKEMAN11 (Jon) [Hunahpu/Hunahpu] {IMMUNE: Ashley Hikari} 3-2-1-1
6th - Jaxswim (Missy) [Hunahpu/Coyopa] {IMMUNE: Owenandheatherfan} 5-1
5th - Ashley Hikari (Jaclyn) [Coyopa/Hunahpu] {IMMUNE: Manatee12} 3-2 (OHF uses idol)
4th - Manatee12 (Nadiya) [Coyopa/Hunahpu] {IMMUNE: Sunslicer2} 3-1
Runner-Up - Blondieee (Kelley) [Hunahpu/Coyopa] 1 votes to win
Runner-Up - Sunslicer2 (Julie) [Hunahpu/Coyopa 1 votes to win
Winner - Owenandheatherfan (Baylor) [Coyopa/Coyopa] 6 votes to win

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