by CK

The first thing I heard was a whip crack.

I opened my eyes to the scene of the local BDSM club, Cupcake Basement. They call it cupcake basement because when you order cupcakes, they take you down to the basement and ballgag you. Anyway, I had paid for a full night of entertainment. Well, I wouldn’t call it entertainment. It’s entertainment in the sense of watching a girl act helpless while someone whips her and she makes excessive noises.

So, basically, the lights turned on. I was sitting in a nice comfy chair, but it positioned you so that you basically had to masturbate to feel comfortable. I unzipped my pants slowly, until I realized that the girl wasn’t in a full body suit like they usually are. You could see the marks on her back, and the blood from being handcuffed so hard. Her face was almost flawless. It had an expression of pain, but she liked it.

The man started whipping, and I have to say, he was pretty damn sexy too. He had that white, almost see-through underwear on, so you could see the tip of his pink penis. But his tan, hot body was nothing in compare to the victim of his whip…

She had jet-black hair, beautiful eyes, and pearly white teeth. Her breasts were close to enormous, and the ass was a nice touch. I could see myself squeezing it already. Her grunts were loud and sexy. “Daddy, I’ve been BAD lately…” Oh, that got my penis erect already. I was about ready to shove sexy whip guy to the side and have at this goddess.

By this time, I’m already sliding my foreskin over the glans of my dick. FURIOUSLY. And then, suddenly, she grabs the whip and shoves him down to the ground. She pulls down his underwear, and by now his long penis is erect. I could tell he wanted her, too. But, she didn’t suck on him or anything. She winked at me. She climbed on top of the guy with the whip and started licking his back. She didn’t care that her ass crack was right in view. She didn’t mind her hair being in his, either.

I could tell I was about to hit orgasm, which kind of scared me. I didn’t want the first ejaculation to be over so quickly. So instead, I stopped masturbating. I got up, even though I was handcuffed to the chair. I assumed I was part of the act, too. But instead, I ripped the cheap links connecting me to the “semen chair” and laid my face on this girl’s back. It was a hot sex sandwich. I ripped her off of this hunk of sex (less sexy than this girl, obviously) and shoved her down. She didn’t resist – instead, she smiled and shuffled her way down a bit. I really didn’t want her to suck on me just yet, though. If she blew me now, she’d swallow way earlier than she wanted. Luckily, she just teased me – she started by merely licking my inner thighs, starting from just above my knees. I couldn’t even control myself, god, it felt so good.

But then, the worst thing that could happen to me at that time, happened…my penis was starting to go limp. I couldn’t re-erect it without shoving this hot sex off of me, so here’s what I did…I grabbed her head and shoved it onto my crotch. The scrotum, the penis, the shaft…the whole thing. She still wasn’t resisting. She started to toy with my balls though, damn, she had a talented tongue. I couldn’t wait until we fucked.

Once she was on my full on erect penis, there was no stopping her. She started off by biting the tip softly, like a chew toy. It hurt like hell, but it felt so amazing in the remedy of her deep throat. I asked her for her name, because I knew I was taking this queen home. She said something, which felt sexy because my penis vibrated, but all I could make out was “Murlonio.” That vibration just about did it for me. I screamed, “I’m about to cum! What do you want to do?” She didn’t respond. I repeated. She then opened her eyes a bit wider, and slowly began sliding off of my penis. She started to jack me off.

Now, I paid a hundred dollars for this. I wasn’t wasting it. I screamed, “No, bitch, take it! TAKE IT!” I took her head and forced it back onto my penis, which had just started ejecting hot semen into her mouth. She tried to pull away, but I forced her to choke on it. And she choked…hard. When I was done ejaculating, I shoved her onto the ground and squeezed that ass like I planned. I asked her for her name again. She said, “Erinn.” I responded with my name, Zeke. She smiled devilishly, and said, “That’s a hot name. Perfect for a sexy guy like you.” Oh, that sent me over the moon. It really did.

“Well, what else can I do for you? Or should I say, to you?” I took out another hundred dollar bill. This is coming out of my college fund. I didn’t care. I was having a hell of a time. She said, “Take out a couple more of those and I’m your doll.” So, I did. After she gargled some mouthwash, she started to get her clothes on. I noticed that the guy with the whip was passed out on the floor. I took his whip. Erinn wasn’t getting fucking dressed until my night was up. I grabbed the whip and beat her. I beat her hard. I beat her well. She did that same sexy grunt, like a tennis player, only a thousand times hotter. I had just noticed that the both of us were naked. I grabbed her attention, and kind of…flipped my dick.

I know the girl usually does that to the guy, but I wanted to get her attention. Y’know, get her excited. She laughed, in that orgasmic way. “Stop, you’re making my vagina tingle…” I responded, “I like it that way.” She laughed. Then, she started to grab her boobs. Those nice, plump breasts. I said, “No, let me handle that.” I grabbed her wrist – firmly – and moved it onto her tingly pussy. Oh, it was like cake. I couldn’t wait to ejaculate in there. Anyway, I decided to start licking her nipple. A little titty sex here and there. She laughed so hard, I think she was in orgasm the whole time. She started to move her other hand down to my dick, and started to flick and tickle it.

I think I must have blacked out. I looked up at the clock in the room, which had just struck four. My night was over at five. I looked around. Erinn was gone. I screamed, “ERINN!” My voice was still raspy from our orgasm a couple hours ago. I was feeling really horny. Still naked, of course, and my penis as plump as ever, I looked around the room again. Whip guy was still passed out. I was considering blowing him just to remove this horny feeling, but what if he woke up? Anyway, I started looking for my goddess, Erinn. I grabbed a pack of condoms and burst out the door, screaming her name. After tripping on a dildo, I saw her walking around…with clothes on. Unacceptable. I ran towards her. I tackled her, in fact. I covered her mouth and dragged her into the nearest room.

Well, I hit the jackpot – I got to the big sex suite. It was empty, too. It had pictures all over the wall that would make a virgin ejaculate in a matter of seconds. The imagery everywhere, the shapes and themes of the furniture…beautiful. I was still sweaty as fuck, though, but that didn’t matter. I threw Erinn onto the bed and removed her clothes. While holding her down, I asked why she wasn’t resisting. She said, “I can’t resist if it’s you, Zeke.” That turned me the fuck on. I just grabbed her boobs and shoved a condom on. I applied lube quickly and slid my penis in her furhole like there was no tomorrow. The breasts were so plump and squeezable, she did that same sexy orgasmic laugh.

I swear, my penis was gonna explode. It was fucking pulsating the whole time. She was orgasming from two places. I was only doing it from one, which says something. I noticed that my fingernails were digging into her breasts, which looked painful. I asked, panting in between words. In the midst of her laugh, I could make out the words, “I like it.” Oh, that was just great. It really was. She had a sexy tattoo near her vagina. It said, “Erinn Lobdell.” Must have been her last name. That’s a damn fine last name.

I told her sadly that I was near ejaculation, and asked if I could save the feeling while one of us gets a rimjob. She screamed, “No! Give it to me! I’m so fucking wet! It’s almost five!” I looked at the clock in the sex suite. Four fifty fucking eight. I didn’t want this hot sex to end, but I forced myself to eject semen. I shoved the hot bitch off of me and ran back to the other room. I tripped about fifty times over my own sweaty feet, but not before finding something hidden in my pubes – Erinn’s number. I was fucking psyched. As the clock struck five, the sexy whip – who was supposed to escort me out – was still asleep. Being a regular here, I knew they force the host to clean up for an entire day to get ready for the next customer. I was about to get dressed, when I realized the whip guy was awake.

I was still pretty horny, I really was. He was watching me. I think he was watching the whole time. But was he watching me, or Erinn? I couldn’t tell. Anyway, as I was about to exit the room, after taking a cold shower to remove the sweat and semen from my body, I felt something grab my pants leg. I could have stopped it, but I didn’t. I felt my body be pulled down…no, I let it be pulled down, and slowly let my pants be unzipped…

I woke up about an hour later in Erinn’s car, dressed. She looked sexy as ever. I could tell we were on the way to her house. And there was another guy next to me…a familiar face, indeed…

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